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hidden Instagram likes Anonymous 4818

I live in Canada and instagram is launching a test pilot here which hides the number of likes on photos, it simply says "username and others liked this", you can check who else liked it but you have to count them yourself. For someone like me this is a huge relief because Instagram gives me a lot of anxiety, I really hope this pilot goes well and this feature becomes permanent. What do you guys think? Does anyone hate this idea?

Anonymous 4819

You must be really fat.

Anonymous 4820

That's a mean thing to say.

Anonymous 4821

I'm meany mean.

Anonymous 4823

I use twitter and instagram for the tiny hormone cocktail likes give me, so this feature would get me to either stop posting, or focus more on posting what I actually want to share, not what I think many people will like.

So yeah, I think it's a good idea.
Though it would probably make it more difficult for "professional" instagram users to tailor their posts to their userbase, making the service less interesting overall for regular people.

Anonymous 4824

Oh and thinking about it, this might be an attempt to create demand for a 'pro' version where you can still see the likes.

Anonymous 4825

>Assuming someone has enough friends to have others take a full body picture of them instead of akward mirror pics so any concerns with body image is not so much about the insecurity of features as much as the lack of any body photos

Anonymous 4826

I'm not fat or insecure about my looks, it's the competitiveness that gets to me.

Anonymous 4827

Honestly I'd love hiding instagram likes.

I honestly don't care for myself or for the instagram meta (follower count is more important for clout as an influencer anyway), but these literal kids on instagram don't need to be bullying each other over internet points.

Anonymous 4832

I'm a fan of the idea. Should be more conductive to a healthier environment- moreso for the tweens/early teens on the platform. I'm sure precise statistics will still be available to 'business' accounts, which are pretty easy to create either way if the like count really matters to you.

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