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Anonymous 4828

Anything to say about the conclusive Avengers Endgame movie?

Anonymous 4829

I'm just happy it's over.

Anonymous 4830

I hate how they killed off black widow and just pretended like nothing happened, I also didn't like how things ended up for captain america, he shouldn't have gone back.

Anonymous 4835

Same, especially with the second thing you said.

Cap going back feels like such a plot hole. How would Captain America existing for the years he was supposed to be in ice NOT affect the timeline in any way? Time travel is confusing.

Anonymous 4841

my thoughts exactly

cant wait for this shit to die

Anonymous 4843

This. Just like Star Wars and the like, how can adults care about this?

Anonymous 4852

My life is very boring tbh, I binged all the movies in two days and wanted avengers when it came out. It was a nice experience and a way to escape reality for a while by immersing myself into something

Anonymous 4868


Thank God, I thought this site was also going to be filled with grown ass adults acting like children and doing the funny soyface to this overhyped piece of shit franchise.
You never disappoint me, miners.

Anonymous 4898

thanos should've won c:
>star wars is being driven into the ground by idiot directors/writers and its own aging retarded fanbase
things are looking up

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