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Anonymous 49

try and name a more perfect song

Anonymous 50

I can't, but I can contribute epic 80s cheese.

Anonymous 52

Anonymous 68


bitch you win

Anonymous 73

i raise you weebshit

Anonymous 75

More weeb

Anonymous 90

I raise you another shibayan Patchouli theme.

Anonymous 92

this song made me wish i was a lesbian.

Anonymous 1577

I literally can't name a more perfect song. I was listening to it today for the first time in a while and it hit me again how much I love it. Something about it makes me feel so nostalgic for something I haven't experienced yet, if that makes sense.

Anonymous 1578

What song was that? Bummed.

Anonymous 2760

Anonymous 3291

Anonymous 3963

Africa's just overly sentimental kitch.

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