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femfinefrokner 4913

Do you like cold wave/dark wave music?

Anonymous 4914

Yeah. Do you have any recommendations?

Anonymous 4921

Soap and skin me and the devil

Anonymous 4944

Yup, I'm hoping to go to some concerts this summer. I wish I could make friends to go with though, I'm scared of looking like an autist if I go alone.

Anonymous 4998

I used to go to a lot of shows. Nobody cares who else is in the audience unless someone's being an asshole or they see someone they recognize. People either go to see the bands or to hang out with friends.

Anonymous 5071

that baseline is still one of my faves. so simple n clean. Sisters of Mercy has some good ones (never land, lucretia my reflection)

Anonymous 5174

I've gotten really into the Icelandic band K├Žlan Mikla lately. Going to see them live later this year.

Anonymous 5219

yeah fuckin black marble, cemetaries, hakiri diat's youtube channel. All those were great until I got my head back on my shoulders and decided to stop being sad. As much as I love the music, it puts my head in a bad place, and the lyrics eat away at you.

Anonymous 5220

I'm addicted to listening to the new Blanck Mass album, incredible stuff

Anonymous 5231

Anybody here like The Soft Moon?

Anonymous 5233


thats some gay ass reddit doomer tier shit.

Anonymous 5245

yes! i saw lebanon live,they werent very good

Anonymous 5246

hell yeah i do.

Anonymous 5269


why do I get the feeling you've never sat down and actually listened to it

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