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Anonymous 5218


Anonymous 5221


>mfw the market fucking dies but I lost my trading stuff years ago

Anonymous 5222

How does the hat market for TF2 work anyway? I’ve never played

Anonymous 5223


Hats/Items are dropped randomly or from crates. Weapons can be crafted into metal which makes the secondary currency. Metal can then be sold for keys which are the primary currency. Trading occurs on tf2outpost and backpack.tf. A key used to be 2-3 refined (thats 18 smelted weapons) and now is about 50. Valve recently fucked up and SOMEHOW set the unusual drop chance to 10% (normally 1%). That basicly killed the market for 1 week and it will likely ever fully recover.

Anonymous 5224

So you can earn real money from having these items?

Anonymous 5225

You mean trading and then cashing out? Yes, you can do that. Steam-Friend of mine payed of his apartment like that.

Anonymous 5226

Damn I’m pretty jelly

Anonymous 5227

He's one of the top 100 traders though. There is alot of time to invest into networking and getting a desired reputation

Anonymous 5228

Yeah I figure, still pretty cool tho

Anonymous 5229

>Used to often get drunk and open crates because I had money
>Have a bunch of shit stockpiled for a future cashout
>Also ask friends who quit the game for their crates for shits and giggles (low key hoping that the winter crates become openable with rewards for hoarding them)
>End up with dozens of the affected crates
>Sell them off and open a bunch of unusuals
The rate was not ten percent. It was one hundred percent. Every item pulls from crates 1-18, and two 80 somethings resulted in an unusual. The market was not really "killed" due to the TF team locking down the trading servers same day and announcing their changes the following week. Still a massive shitshow.

Anonymous 5234

My bad, must have been a typo. Afaik they didnt shut down the servers (right away) but made the uncrated unusuals untradeable. That also didnt happen asap though, thats when most hats got sold on the market or bp.tf. Take what I say with a grain of salt because I literally slept through the entire ething. The trader "main" fallout/meltdown was hilarious

Anonymous 5890

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