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Star Trek Anonymous 5361

Post about your favourite Star Trek show, episode, movie, novel, comic, character, OTP, fanfic, podfic, etc

Post about your most hated too.

Anonymous 5362

Favorite show: TOS
Character: Kirk
Episode: A Balance of Terror.
Movie: The Wrath of Khan.
OTP: Either Kirk and Rand or Kirk and Bones.

Should I watch Discovery?

Anonymous 5363

Unless you really love klingons or Sarek, I’d say skip season one for sure. Season two is a bit of a mess but more watchable. Maybe wait to see how three is received first as it’s going to be in a new setting.

Anonymous 5364

I watched TNG all the way through from the beginning of this year until a month or so ago and was super impressed. Watching episodes where everything was all wrapped up by the end took a bit of getting used to, rather than series long plots that are the standard these days. Especially so for the "Conspiracy" episodes from the first series. That sort of thing is the premise for a whole show of its own and then in TNG it's done in two episodes and never spoken of again. I was not expecting that level of gore from Star Trek either lol Still a fantastic show on the whole. Got teary when Picard joined the card game.

I also watched Discovery and found series one dumb and miserable, and then I got halfway through series two before realising it just wasn't worth my time. It wasn't just the writing, but the way it looked was so ugly, with the camera constantly moving for no good reason and the soundtrack never shutting up either. Also why is space so bright? There's nothing out there, that's why it's called space.

Anonymous 5367


Watching TAS right now.
So far it's awful

Anonymous 5381

>wants to watch DS9
>still no BD release

Anonymous 5382

I really wish sometimes that TNG had been just a couple of years later so it could've done the big series arcs that we're so used to nowadays. There's so many super cool premises and episodes which get at best a two parter and then sort of never show up again so the show can go back to status quo. They did a great job with the format regardless, but still, I wonder what it might've been like.

Despite my favourite being TNG, Voyager definitely has the best opening sequence of the lot though. It just sums up the whole 'exploration and adventure' thing for me really succinctly.

Honestly though, I always preferred Babylon 5 to ST, much as I love them both.

Anonymous 5383

>I really wish sometimes that TNG had been just a couple of years
But the first to seasons of TNG suck.

Anonymous 5387

>I always preferred Babylon 5

I'm putting a gold star on this post. Only I can see it, but it's there.

Anonymous 5398

Love Trek and Babylon 5, but BSG is the pinnacle for me.

Anonymous 5403

You know I JUST started watching star trek like a month ago, what a coincidence.
My favorite characters are Kirk if he's alone and McCoy if he's in a group.
McCoy isn't very interesting on his own, but as part of a group he really shines, particularly when he banters with Spock.

When should I watch the movies? after I finish the series?

Anonymous 5404

>When should I watch the movies? after I finish the series?
Not necesseraly. In fact you can skip most of season 3.
The Wrath of Khan, by Nicholas Meyer is widely regarded as the best of them is a sequel to Space Seed on season 1 however.
I think the first movie is great even though many hate it. It was directed by Robert Wise and the only one that Gene Roddenberry could actually control.
Three is ok and four is meh, Nimoy directed them. Five, directed by Shatner is the worst but somehow underrated. Six is my second favorite, also directed by Nicholas Meyer.

Anonymous 5406

Season 3 has some gems and is not as bad as people make out. If you like the characters, you'll enjoy it. The movies are a bit weird and TWoK is very over rated imo. I prefer the first one, even if it is slow.

Anonymous 5419


tfw no Kirk bf to shitpost

Anonymous 5424

holy shit, is that real?

Anonymous 5425



Anonymous 5590


He was so fucking handsome, why the beard?

Anonymous 5591

Because he got tired of being called lieutenant babyface.
Also because Jonathan Frakes hates shaving.

Anonymous 5592

He was far better without ir, honestly. I like on average older looking guys, but his beard was terrible. I mean, he is still hot, but not Kirk tier like on S1.

Anonymous 5610

I am finally finishing DS9. And I must say I like it. At first I thought a majority of the episodes were boring and kind of dull. But I really like the characters. Garak is my favorite. And I really like Odo and Quark's bickering. I kind of like how they developed more alien cultures. I found some Cardassian and Bojourian(?) conflicts a sonre.

Anonymous 5612

I want to watch it, but I simply cannot watch anything that is not HD anymore unless it's an old black and white movie.

I still have hope.

Anonymous 5614

I always liked Next Generation because my dad watched it with me. And this was one of my favorite scenes:
>Post about your most hated too.
||the troublesome little manchild…||

Anonymous 5803

I watched the motion picture yesterday and just finished watching wrath of Khan.
a. what were they thinking with the motion picture? holy shit why is everything so padded out, minutes upon minutes of establishing shots.
I also wish there was more to the "kirk competing with the fresh, new captain of the Enterprise" storyline, it basically ended with bones telling Kirk he was the one competing.
b. wrath of khan was fantastic, I absolutely loved it.
The fact Kirk was sort of coming to terms with needing reading glasses really struck something with me, reminded me a lot of how I felt when my father started wearing reading glasses.

on to the next generation.

Anonymous 5859

spock button.gif

There were so many episodes I liked that it's hard to pick. I could write a whole damn book about it. I like the mindfuck episodes the best, but the less memorable episodes did a lot of worldbuilding and character development without which the mindfuck ones wouldn't have the same impact.

The only things I really didn't like:
>the episode of TNG where Dr. Crusher falls in love with a ghost in a lamp drives me nuts. It feels like an Anne Rice ripoff and it makes me even more irritated that it was one of McFadden's best performances, because she could've done so much more with a non-retarded script. Instead we got a gem of a performance jammed into an unwatchable turd. I know it was supposed to appeal to women but it just makes me want to throw my copy of Lasher at the TV.
>anything focusing on Neelix, I know he tries hard to be a decent person but he is a simpering passive aggressive wanker and needed to be left on a planet somewhere early in season 1.
>ST:E was a turkey and I stopped watching after a few episodes. Who thought a pop song would make a good theme for a Star Trek series? It doesn't have to be classical but it should be stately and majestic. Shouldn't sound like you're about to watch Dawson's Creek.

I like 4, but I feel like that and the gangster planet episode of TOS set a precedent for a whole bunch of "haha look the Enterprise crew is doing 20th century stuff" that got increasingly contrived. For a while it seemed like every character was a history buff but only 20th century history. It was refreshing to see Janeway chilling in da Vinci's studio just because it had nothing to do with TV or baseball or anything.

One of the directors from 2001: A Space Odyssey worked on ST:TMP. That would explain the gorgeous visuals and ponderous pacing. I liked it but agree it could've been a bit shorter.

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