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Anonymous 5392

ITT: Last movie/show/animu you've watched and the rating.
If you want too, post some review or whatever.

Anonymous 5393

Of course, I forgot mine.
8/10 for Videodrome.

Anonymous 5396

Black lagoon, 8/10

I liked the comfy-ish atmosphere of the first few episodes, and I liked Revy and Balalaika very much, but the twins arc and Roberta's blood trail arc are a bit too fucked up for my taste. The shootouts also get repetitive with the main cast being pretty much invulnerable.

Anonymous 5405


The Crown.

Anonymous 5407


The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum (1975)

A strange story, kind of repetitive. Excellent directing work in my opinion. Gotta love them German Filmmakers. Gave it 3.5/5

Anonymous 5418

All the Money in the World.

Anonymous 5420


the orphan
I enjoyed it, I give it a 6/10

Anonymous 5421

It has a good first half. Too bad there is the second half.

Anonymous 5426



Anonymous 5468

this shitty shirt …

I just finished watching the first episode of the Are You Afraid of the Dark? 2019 remake and man, I really feel like I got my hopes up for nothing.

It honestly sucks. All the charm of the original has been reduced in favor of hipstery film angles, trying to add too much exposition to what The Midnight Society is, and "ugh, being the new kid at high school amirite" crap. It's horribly paced, they don't even tell a campfire story until halfway in and even then it's too short (about 10 minutes) because the BIG TWEEST is that the whole special is more like a Goosebumps episode where the campfire story ends up becoming real.

I'm also mad that the main character is a basic bitch Stacy that just happens to like scary stuff. They also harped on the generic fat comedy relief character being a germophobe and noted that the flirty neighbor boy is meat-repulsed. Why is this relevant? Why do they keep using the germophobia as comedy relief? Who knows.

I'm disappointed because what made AYAOTD good was the idea that the episodes were entirely focused on writing PG horror scenarios that could have bad ends since it was all just a stories being told at a campfire club. They were short and sweet. This special is extremely dragged out and boring until the MC tells her story, and even then it's going to get stretched out even thinner in the following episodes.

There's still more episodes to come out but my rating is 6/10 . The previews make it look like might get a little better, but the whole thing would probably be better cut down into a proper film instead of multiple episodes. You can tell Nick is trying to milk this for all the ad revenue they can because they want to release a new episode every friday until the end of October.

Nitpicking, but the show also breaks a couple of TMS traditions. They say "The meeting of The Midnight Society is now closed" instead of "adjourned". Why did they dumb it down? Do they think kids can't learn what adjourned means? They also throw the story dust in the fire before saying the traditional line instead of throwing it just before they give the title of the story.

Anonymous 5512

Watching Hocus Pocus right now. I didn’t realize but the director did a lot of fun movies like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and the High School Musical franchise. The writing is pretty solid and the hammy acting and costumes of the witches are great. Sarah Jessica Parker is also such a babe in it.

Anonymous 5513

Saw a few of the Halloween classics.

Nightmare on Elm Street is pretty meh. A few of the deaths were cool. Seeing young Depp was cute. Freddy makes it fun but the actual plot of the film is really dogshit nonsensical.

Friday the 13th had pretty good deaths. Very real looking and not too flashy.

Dawn of the Dead was way more grounded in realism and enjoyable. It has one fantastical element (zombies) and everything else is played straight. It's interesting how it breaks many of the tropes set by other later films that tried to copy it. There is a government trying to control it. Rednecks work together with the national guard to kill zombies and largely the chaos is self inflicted. The zombies serve as a catalyst for drastic societal change but in the end its the people that cause their own downfall. The special effects and zombie makeup is really bad though. I don't want to pick too much at the details of the film but the notion that the dead come back to life is…interesting. It's not an infection or disease or anything. It's literally the dead people cannot rest so they come back to wander the places they used to frequent in life, you have to destroy their brain capacities otherwise they will keep shambling away.

Anonymous 5514

Just watched Terminator: Dark Fate.
better than I thought, best since T2. 7/10
Why are they even doing this?
Thou shall not milk masterpieces.

Anonymous 6353

I watched metropolis. Amazing soundtrack and good plot. 8/10

Anonymous 6397


Ivan's childhood by Andrei Tarkovsky. 9/10
so far, tarkovsky really speaks to me on a personal level; his movies have a great balance of philosophy and humanity and not to mention, his aesthetics hit home.

Anonymous 6400


It's 3 hours long, if that's a deterrent. But it holds its intrigue.

Anonymous 6404

Which version of the OST? Because there are many, that's a common thing in the silent cinema.

Anonymous 6493

lost highway.jpg

Lost Highway. I guess I'd give it a 6/10? It was okay, albeit weird. Which I normally like but it was a really confusing movie and I don't understand what was supposed to be happening lol. Great soundtrack tho, especially "I'm Deranged" by David Bowie.

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