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VR chat Anonymous 5498

I can't be the only miner who uses it.

Anonymous 5499

I really want to give it a try…where would you suggest starting in terms of equipment, etc.

Anonymous 5500


> where would you suggest starting in terms of equipment
Try in desktop mode w/o vr, but with mic.

Anonymous 5519



Anonymous 5520


It's fun as fuck

Anonymous 5523

yalls little characters are so cute.
i've tried playing that game and confused with the controls cuz i am big dum dum and also i'm really socially awk and sometimes u run into people like screaming and ten year olds who user a username like gokuman999

Anonymous 5527


>i'm really socially awk
Find people on steam discussions or reddit to play with, there is shitton of shy people, who don't use mic at all or use google/alexa speaker to communicate.

Also you might download some soundboard to launch pre-typed audio, it could be both y/n normal sentences, but also it bould be some memes or sounds for rp.

Also, there is shitton of rp players.

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