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Are there any otome games which are good? Anonymous 5593

I stayed away from otome/dating sim games in the past, but recently I played Mystic Messenger and enjoyed it quite a bit. Not a perfect game, but it was nice talking to qt boys and getting to choose an ending. Are there any other dating sim type of games which are cute and fun? (Doesn't matter whether lewd or not)

Anonymous 5594


Amnesia is my favorite dating sim.

Anonymous 5595

There are lots of good ones. >>143
But amnesia isn't one of the best. it's just well known because of the cage meme.
The love interests are cute but the fact that the MC is almost nonexistent in the games takes a lot from the game.

For one of the newer Japanese otomes, I recommend Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk, it's localized. It has actual plot and a voiced MC with a personality, also plenty of scenes even for those you can't romance, more than most dating sims. If you pick the default names the MC will have a voiced name too.

If you want a western one, try Ebon Light.
If you like simulation/stat raising and having your character's name being called in a robotic voice, Tokimeki Girl's Side 3.

Anonymous 5596

Here's the old thread >>143

If you're really interested in the medium you gotta learn Japanese. Or just play the infinite amount of badly translated phone games.

Anonymous 5643

Im playing Ayakashi rn and its good so far, like the animations and voice acting, but does anyone know if MCs father is romancable?

Anonymous 5756

If you really want to get into the genre learn Japanese as another anon says but there's a good few translated games out there. People seem to like Code Realise and CollarXMalice though they're only available on Vita.

For PC games the Psychedelica games seem pretty popular. Personally I'd recommend Taisho Alice too but only the first part is out, but having played the whole series in Japanese I can really solidly recommend it. Gretel is the far superor cage husbando, sorry Toma.

If you're bothered to use emulators the Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side games are fun and all have fan patches to my knowledge.

There's also some PC games with fan translations you can find with a bit of searching, Ayakashi Gohan which I haven't played, the Dot Kareshi series which are short RPG themed comedies, Princess Nightmare where you are an immortal loli vampire who starts going to school to find boys to prey on (it has very shady 'blood drinking' scenes) and Heart no Kuni no Alice which has dreadful art but I enjoyed well enough. There's more I've probably forgotten.

Anonymous 5780

Try Voltage games! Their Love 365 app has free stories every month.
Ichigo Sato is my husbando.

Anonymous 5782

VNs produced for women got my attention recently.
Any of these have sexual content too? :) Reverse harem would be a plus.

Anonymous 5783

Do your own damn research.

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