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Anonymous 5761

When I was a kid I used to love playing those virtual worlds like club penguin, moshi monsters and fantage and I really miss them. Anyone know some good and wholesome adult alternatives? I've thought about MMOs before but I don't know of any cutesy ones which is sort of what I'm looking for

Anonymous 5762

Maybe final fantasy 14. I've never played it but it seems to have alot of customization and lalafells are cute/creepy.

Anonymous 5763

ta m80 i'll check it out

Anonymous 6401


are u me? i enjoyed those games so much as well. currently im playing Kawaii Home Design, really cute animation and you can meet friends too. You can add me! @/zumee
just lmk in the game's PM you are from cc~

Anonymous 6413

I remember playing Zwinky over a decade ago and it fucked up my sister's computer.

Anonymous 6421


Baguette here, for my part I used to play Blablaland a lot. It was my favorite game, I would have still played it if it wasn't shut down.

Anonymous 6427


i miss habbo everyday :'(

Anonymous 6450

neopets is still pretty active believe it or not and virtually nothing has changed about the site since the early 2000s (ignoring the attempts at switching to mobile), would highly recommend. i have neopets autism tho so im biased

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