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HannahinJapana Anonymous 6049

Does anyone watch HannahinJapana? She posted a few updates this week.

If you don’t know her, she used to vlog 10 years ago about how she fell in love with a Japanese guy and fell pregnant when on exchange there for college. Now she posts updates from time to time about her life now.

It’s a very cute channel to watch and interesting if you’ve ever thought about living in Japan. I recommend starting with the oldest and watching them all in order.

Anonymous 6051

Reported, no one reply to this troll

Anonymous 6158

A webshow about being a single mom. so because the father is nippon that makes it cute. well, i guess we should be nice to all single mothers. started with the gurugossiper people.

Anonymous 6162

Maybe watch the channel a bit before commenting moid.

She married the Japanese man and they were together for about 5 years. She was a single mother for a short while after they divorced but she moved back to the states but she's now married to an American. She only posted one or two videos during the time she was single.

What made the videos cute is her talking about living in Osaka and the things she gets up to. I don't like kids and would skip the videos that were only about her kids.

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