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Holostars Anonymous 6087

Why aren't you watching Holostars yet?

>Perfect combination of 2D and 3D, I am supporting a cute anime boy who also happens to have real feelings and interactions with fans

>they play a gigantic variety of games, from retro classics, to modern ones
>more than 10 of them, who upload videos daily, content pretty much never ends
>since they are real people who interact between each other in collab, discussion is always fresh and changes over the months.
>English speaking members coming soon

I barely even watch anime anymore, the holos are now my never-ending anime.

Anonymous 6090

1) because I can't understand them
2) the motion capturing is mediocre at best, all the avatars do is stare blankly and open their mouth
maybe if they changed that I would, but I think overall streams are a waste of time

Anonymous 6091

Where can I watch it?

Anonymous 6098

The Nijisanji boys are better.
Is there a page that lists all of them and their channels though?
The new couple two, wolf and pink hair don't have really interesting voices but I'm curious about the old man.

They're virtual Youtubers. Real people who are just streaming games and free talk stuff with live2D avatars.

Anonymous 6100

There is!

The nijisanji boys are really good, but I love Roberu

When they got popular enough to get 3D models, I hope you'll give them a second chance.

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