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Anonymous 6374

what are some good youtube channels? i want something to listen to while i draw. they can revolve around anything really as long as its interesting.

Anonymous 6375

Ready to glares a good true crime channel and she serves killer looks too.

Anonymous 17403

Forgotten Weapons

Anonymous 17405


Anonymous 17420

If you're not super into guns, you'll have to listen very closely, at least at first.

Anonymous 17425

I listen to Regular Car Reviews, I'm not even into cars. Each episode gets comically philosophical about what it's like to own that episode's car and why you'd want to own one.

Anonymous 17449

the ford galaxie ep was fuckin out there

Anonymous 17451

Lol no

Anonymous 17452

ContraHons should kill himself at this point. He hinders the left back and makes it into a bad steryotype Zizek hates and he looked better before, he did a good job with the rhinoplasty but he is now infertile and barely capable of getting lasting boners so tough luck. He is dead to me. He is useless, moids are already useless lazy fucks now this one is even less useful, he cannot be used to bring life into this world just a dead end with mental illnesses.

Anonymous 17453

He’s grotesque-looking and his video trying to debunk “TERF” talking points was poorly done. His debate with Blair White showed how much of a deranged retard he is. That’s why he doesn’t do debates anymore.

Anonymous 17460


Nikocado Avocado mukbangs. It's hilarious because the high fructose corn syrup has rotted his brain so much, he speaks nothing but unintelligible babble. You don't habe to pay too much attention to him while you're busy drawing.

Anonymous 17462

This guy disgusts me a fuck ton.

Anonymous 17477

It's such a shame and so depressing. He used to be a very clean cut skinny twink, now he's a fat piggy who wallows in his own filth (literally).
Even when he was getting fat he kept up a clean appearance for a while, I have no idea why now all of a sudden this year he's started doing videos of him shitting himself. I partially blame it on the quarantine. Being stuck in his house all day is making him go stir crazy, which is why he's resorting to making such grotesque videos now.

Anonymous 17616

heidi 2.PNG

>>6374 im in the same situation so i've got you : )
TRO, the right opinion, does thorough, long commentary. he has a great, 4 hour documentary on nikoavocado i recommend.

Smokeyglow does a lot of thorough analyses of like celebrity and influencer culture. i love her, but shes very progressive and judgemental/has high standards which could be grating…

creepshow art, but shes pretty braindead and all she does is whine. good for brainless listening i guess.

barely sociable, LEMINO - they do like internet mystery stuff.

someordinarygamers - hes great to listen to. he does like "deep web" dives, and is pretty entertaining. i think he uploads daily too so theres that.

D'Angelo Wallace - similar to smokeyglow, but better and a lot more funny

Soft White Underbelly - does interviews with homeless people and addicts.

Eleanor Neale and Kendall Rae- loml. do true crime stuff, and theyre both very thorough and thoughtful. Personally, i think their older stuff is better, but all of it is good.

happy listening :P

Anonymous 17617


i think he's a mentally ill troll tbh

Anonymous 17619


I find him hilarious. I definitely think that he is mentally ill in part due to problems stemming from his childhood, but he and Orlin are smart and have perfectly executed the style of comedy on his channel. I enjoy listening to him when I cook food or clean my house.

Anonymous 17624

LEMINO is one of the best channels on youtube because the guy does original research and puts a lot of effort into his videos, rather than lazily repeating other youtube videos and articles.

Anonymous 17694


here's a few a like to listen to personally


mainly videos on lost media, but will also talk about obscure stuff too. really interesting if you're into that stuff.

>Nick Robinson

another good lost/obscure media youtuber with a bit more of a focus on obscure gaming stuff.

>Stephen Silver

artist/animator with industry experience (remember kim possible?), good channel for art tips (butch hartman but good)

>retro rerun

literally just uploads full episodes of old cartoons and shows


makes commentary videos, they can be fun to listen to or preachy depending on the subject but i like her


used to play vidya but branched out, i love his "mystery tapes" series where he buys blank vhs tapes from thrift stores to see what's on them

>Goodnight Moon

personal favorite ASMR channel

>Robin Seplut

really cute cat videos :3

Anonymous 17711

>Nick Robinson
His videos are pretty good, but he's also the guy who got fired from Polygon for sexually harassing every female journalist he ever came in contact with, even making sockpuppets when they blocked him, so YMMV with him.

Anonymous 17721


oh damn fr? i should really start looking more into the youtubers i like, but then again i try to have a "don't get too attached" mindset with any male youtuber at this point.

Anonymous 17723

I really like Fredrik Knudsen for background noise when I draw or clean.His series, Down the Rabbit Hole explains weird internet phenomena like TempleOS. Also, his streams with Jabroni Mike are cozy imo.

Anonymous 17736

if you like watching video essays about games, especially about horror games, i would recommend you RagnarRox. he is incredibly good at doing this and deserves more recognition

Anonymous 17760

Games such as Rule of Rose are to be treasured.

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