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Tear Jerkers Anonymous 6619

Any movies, or part of a show that just made you bawl? I'm talking a little more then just being teary eyed.

Anonymous 6620

one time i got stoned and watched pocahontas in high school and cried like a baby at the end because the white dude couldnt be with pocahontas

Anonymous 6622

I know it's cliche but game of thrones made me sob on several occasions, especially in s3-s5 when the drama was at its peak, I totally recommend it

Anonymous 6623

I know it's another cliche recommendation but the ending of 'your name' by makoto shinkai made me ugly cry, I recommend that too

Anonymous 6630

UP always makes me bawl. For anime, every single episode of Tamayura has made me cry. I stopped watching the show because I didn't want to keep crying.
The Touken Ranbu musicals also destroy me.

Anonymous 6681

The Hans Christian Andersen version of "The Little Mermaid".

Anonymous 6693


Anonymous 6710


Nobody's Boy Remi
Romeo no Aoi Sora
Ojamajo Doremi
I think shows about the close friendships of children can be pretty beautiful.

Anonymous 6711

The entire End of Evangelion.

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