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Anonymous 7930

Anonymous 7932

Well fuck. I posted this without context because I had a brain fart and had to hit "post" first.

My question was what's the opinion on romances?

Because I used to advidly hate hate romances, sappy love songs and so on. I used to hate them because I knew at a young age romance isn't really real. But lately I've fallen in love with otome games and romance animes/mangas. It's just that life sucks and I've come to terms I'll never get romance like they do in the novels.

Anonymous 7936


Same, anon. I think it’s just a phase. You’ll fall out of it and become a spinster anyway.

Anonymous 7937

Mobile otome game are so money grubby. I thought they where supposed to be cheaper then a real boyfriend.

Anonymous 8048

I avoid them as much as possible. They remind me too much of my own isolation and total lack of human contact and interaction.

I suppose I'd rather seek escapism in media than face my insecurities. I am a weak person at heart.

Anonymous 8058

>2d boys are so perfect
>3d men are subhuman cringefactories that make me wonder if i'm actually a lesbian

Anonymous 8101



i never really liked anyone enough to date them and i shouldn't waste both our time if it's one-sided.

Anonymous 8166


I've had real boyfriends before and that was enough for me to not have any more relationships. I'm happy with my 2D boys.

Anonymous 8238

Is that Luke?

Anonymous 8276


The one and only.

Anonymous 8387


when will science advance so that we can breed catboys

Anonymous 8470

I just wish that I can find someone to take things slow. Just getting to know each other little by little and building up a relationship. Slowly starting to hold hands to hugging and to kissing and stuff. Which is why I hate romance, because it built this idea in me. In real life I never had such luck. Even in middle school boys would always try to kiss me right away and it would just scare me. As I got older more and more people seemed less interested in a innocent love and want to get straight to fucking. So I hate romance media, it just lead to false expectations.
When will robot boyfriends be a thing?!

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