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Anonymous 8597

can we get an updated "music discovered" thread for 2020? i'm sure you guys have discovered something shareable, all genres welcome.

Anonymous 9299

One of my favorite discoveries this year.

Anonymous 9365

I know I'll be bullied for this

Anonymous 12793

Anonymous 13136

Anonymous 13152

I was supposed to go to his concert but covid stuff. I love him so freaking much.

Anonymous 14214


I’ll make YouTube / Spotify links when I have time but here’s a quick incomplete list of some of the artists I’ve gotten into during quarantine without any particular ranking:

1. Maggie Rogers
Best songs:
Dog years
Light on
Love you for a long time
Split stones

2. Broods
Everytime you go
Why do you believe me
Couldn’t believe
Be like you

3. Oh Wonder
Without you
Super love
Ocean size
Ultra life

4. Marian Hill
Subtle thing
Wish you would
Go quietly
Take a number
Like u do
No one knows

5. Absofacto
Lemon drop

6. The Japanese house
Something has to change

Some others:
Karen Harding - undo my heart
Fka twigs - two weeks
Liana la Havas - green and gold
Victoria monet - experience
Raye - please don’t touch

Idk I want to post my Spotify playlist but I don’t want to get doxxed

Anonymous 14300

I love him too

Anonymous 14612

this song is perfect to listen to after a breakup

Anonymous 14747

i thought i got tired of lofi music but this makes me feel some type of way. perfect for studying.

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