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Janitor applications are open

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Seeking Volunteers Anonymous Admin 4485

To nobody's surprise, we're direly understaffed and looking for more hands on deck. Anyone interested in volunteering can contact me over Discord (finding my contact info is your first task) so we can have a chat.
You will start as a Janitor. Janitors clean up spam, raids & some rule-breaking posts. They cannot see post histories or ban users, but they will have a direct line to me and be able to contribute to board culture and help shape the direction we're taking.

This should go without saying, but as always, applicants must be female and active users of the site in order to be considered.

Anonymous 5244

Bumping this so people can see. Have you gotten any good janitors yet, Admin?

Anonymous 5251

Screenshot 2022-01…

I worry about some of you

Anonymous 5906

I'm officially applying to be a janitor. After all the CP and garbage I've seen on this site, and how much its neglected. Its just unforgiveable that these images sit there for so long and nobody does anything about it.

Anonymous 5911

i'm thinking about formally applying too. it's just criminal the way we're so understaffed here when it's such a decent imageboard and could be doing so much better

Anonymous 5966


I'm very new here, literally just discovered this place 10 minutes ago but from what I've been reading it's very chill? Can someone explain to me what this site is about?

Anonymous 5967

Welcome anon! It's simply a women's-only forum. You can talk about anything as long as it doesn't violate the rules (crystal.cafe/rules).

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