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Janitor applications are open

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Please read the rules! Last update: 04/27/2021


Seeking Volunteers Anonymous Admin 4485

To nobody's surprise, we're direly understaffed and looking for more hands on deck. Anyone interested in volunteering can contact me over Discord (finding my contact info is your first task) so we can have a chat.
You will start as a Janitor. Janitors clean up spam, raids & some rule-breaking posts. They cannot see post histories or ban users, but they will have a direct line to me and be able to contribute to board culture and help shape the direction we're taking.

This should go without saying, but as always, applicants must be female and active users of the site in order to be considered.

Anonymous 5244

Bumping this so people can see. Have you gotten any good janitors yet, Admin?

Anonymous 5251

Screenshot 2022-01…

I worry about some of you

Anonymous 5911

i'm thinking about formally applying too. it's just criminal the way we're so understaffed here when it's such a decent imageboard and could be doing so much better

Anonymous 5966


I'm very new here, literally just discovered this place 10 minutes ago but from what I've been reading it's very chill? Can someone explain to me what this site is about?

Anonymous 5967

Welcome anon! It's simply a women's-only forum. You can talk about anything as long as it doesn't violate the rules (crystal.cafe/rules).

Anonymous 6069


sent a friend rq, I'd like to try and help with the site layout to be more responsive since browsing on mobile can be a nightmare sometimes.

Anonymous 6150

Admin-sama, are you still on mail? I sent you something some time ago and I also sent you a message on discord, but I got no reply either way. I hope you're doing good.

Anonymous 6169

it says seeking "volunteers" and you know that jannies do it for free

Anonymous 6277

There have been extremely seethy troons here lately, like that lolcow from last night. They'll absolutely try to hijack the mod/helper team so I hope mods beware.

Anonymous 6283

This, they stink so bad. Report and ignore is more than enough, they feed on attention and there's nothing more boring than them.

Anonymous 6329

There's one insane troon who keeps making posts about everyone secretly being pedophiles, how he was raped as a child, and defending himself in the third person calling himself a woman or "one of the good trannies." Idk why he decided to come here to harrass women with his delusions.

Anonymous 6690


Question, can the admin(s) give a PSA about the recent weirdness? I know most of it is probably a psyop or trolling, but, still, things have been weird, with a lot of accusations flying about.

Anonymous 6691


I also sent a friend request
Check the recent posts in the raid thread the trannyjanny accusations are coming from a lolcow schizo

Anonymous 6692

Actually, I already saw that.

Anonymous 6694

Then why have things been so wierd ?

Anonymous 6705

AFAIK there was a thread on LC about a half Russian half Chinese pedophile board owner. Some insane schizo tranny was shitting it up 24/7 and the jannies had to lock it because he wouldn’t stfu. Someone in the thread mentioned cc. The board owner and the tranny were lurking the thread. I have a feeling they are raiding cc now. I keep seeing weird as fuck posts defending China and Russia, as well as random trannyposting and pedo shit. So I assume it must be both of them and they found the board through that thread.

Anonymous 6710

A man claimed he had a male moderator on his side and I'm waiting and seeing if he's actually banned.
Really hope it isn't the case.

Anonymous 6711

Also I SC'd this and it for reference. I'd like to believe there isn't really anything weird going on, but if there is, any woman seeing this: SC anything if it's really suspicious.

Anonymous 6713

All his posts got deleted so I doubt it. He’s just using multiple proxies probably so the jannies can’t perms ban him even if they try. Just dont interact with him at all and report all his posts, they’re easy to spot. Also I want to become a janny now because I’m sick of seeing all the gore and CP on the board now and I have enough free time to delete it regularly.

Anonymous 6715

do we have at least a few jannies for the various timezones?

Anonymous 6716

I’m in europe so I would be happy to do then. However I don’t know the admins discord, its over.

Anonymous 6718

Ye, it was deleted around after I made those comments.

Hope you manage to find some way to become one. I'm probably gonna stick to the other boards besides /b/, I can't handle it anyway.

Anonymous 6722


Condescending meninist poster is back. 99% sure he’s a tranny janny infiltrator too, his posts stay up even after being mass reported by actual female posters.

Can a femjanny just ban him and kick him from the cc server already? He should be easy enough to spot from his pretention, constant whiteknighting of scrotes + neckbeard with an anime girl pfp tier smugness.

Anonymous 6723


More posts I suspect are by him.

Anonymous 6724


Common hallmarks of his posts are
>gaslighting and calling other miners crazy, bpd or dramatic
>whiteknighting for moids at all costs
>him saying replying to moidposters is against the rules then trying to delete your posts if you call him out on it
>overly wordy, sarcastic, condescending manner or talking to other manners
>unconvincing use of words like nona and moid in attempt to blend
He’s a moid and should not be here. Please get him kicked off the board.

Anonymous 6725

Also suspect he’s using a VPN to evade bans and could also be the one posting gore and racebait each day (post times seem to coincide even though he lurks here for hours sometimes)

Anonymous 6726

>tranny janny infiltrator

Anonymous 6727

NTA but funny enough your post made me read those screenshots and they were all definitely written by the same person. it's giving unhinged, vindictive, smarmy. we're not dumb. don't gaslight us when there's an obvious problem and mods are doing jack shit

Anonymous 6728

Then why was only one of those posts removed if it's the same person?

Anonymous 6729

I wrote these posts but not >>6722. Fucking idiot.

Anonymous 6730

Not her, but you can't complain about being confused for a moid hen your posts are as retarded as moid posts.

Anonymous 6731

The one anon (it's definitely the same one because they use the same typing style + vocabulary) is constantly speaking of a mythical "infiltrating tranny janny" and acting like everyone who disagrees with her is le evil tranny janny and not that maybe she's just insufferable

Anonymous 6732

Well, I know for a fact that the anon who posted these screenshots is not the same person the supposed tranny was arguing with because that was me.

Anonymous 6737

You are the tranny janny tho. Your posts are always the exact same and you talk to yourself pretending to be other anons lol.

Anonymous 6743


Moidposter is back again.

Anonymous 6744


Goes from le epic smug anime face trolling to long boring lengthy moid essays. Also cries REPORTED every two seconds.

Anonymous 6752


it looks like the site is being raided by multiple people, probably from an incel site. as usual just ignore until jannies get active again

Anonymous 6753

some assholes who need chad's dick are disturbing over there on /b/, just reiterating the warning

Anonymous 6761

Damn I never fail to cringe that faggot. He’s been here for months now, and his posting style is very unique. I report his shit too, every time he shows up, yet nothing ever happens.

Anonymous 6763


I'm crying, begging on my hands and knees for a few more jannies, pls admin

Anonymous 6769

Maybe the mods should update whether or not jannies are still being recruited or not?

Anonymous 6770

I want to be a janny

Anonymous 6813

Well, I'll apply, sent a request to snail, waiting for a response

Anonymous 7231

Trannies posting child porn in /b/ again.

Anonymous 7350


Can janny spots be opened again + there be more communication about it? Or is there actually a secret discord I know nothing of?

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