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Thaumium Rogue - c…

Lessons from Arcane Cyberpunk Anonymous 5040

After releasing the adventure map, I started to think about where the ideas might have come to build it. I still lay blind about many of them, like a product of the unconscious, yet it made me figure how much tricky issues I started to come around by mere analysis of how things work inside it.

>Events in the game have underlying tips about ugly truths of real life.

-Event: Voidmyst piston parkour is probably the most annoying , shortest and the most lethal one in the game.
-Moral: No matter how much proud or learned you are from your past victories: any rare, new and unexpected challenge can always throw it all down the drain in matter of seconds.

-Event: Golem-luring puzzle at Crimson Building in the Underyard.
-Moral: Seducing people is not enough, you may need to foresee which steps they may take or not for you in order to keep them under your spell and not driving them out of your reach, often causing your undoing.

-Event: Blackwell will turn to be a valuable customer after you unlock the Thaumonomicon's crafting skills.
-Moral: Whoever studies ten years in darkness, can shine like the sun whenever he wishes.

-Event: You start the game doing menial tasks for lazy tycoons, you end it by defying an entire building full of nightmare level puzzles and elite mobs which is actually the symbol of unresolvable problems, danger and unreachable power for the whole map. Purple color is everywhere.
-Moral: About whatever you think about your potential, be it good or bad, you are probably right.

-Event: After finding the Pech you can fight them or befriend them. If you take the second choice, they won't trade with unless proper items be given.
-Moral: Sometimes it's not enough with making good choices out of unthinkable ideas, but to make them in the accurate order with the exact media is crucial, being a single bad step enough to destroy all your advances.

-Event: Werewolves will always take only 1 point of damage per hit no matter how much powerful your weapon is, but using a golden sword which is one of the weakest weapons you can handle will crush them with very few blows.
-Moral: Train your skills, but never reject the idea of ridiculously easy solutions being secretly effective against troubles that may seem overwhelming.

-Event: After completing the long, exhausting parkour of Andros's castle you become part of the Thaumium Guards, yet their armor is not given to you: you are told to craft it yourself instead.
-Moral: Achieving equal conditions to someone you admire can sometimes be done, or never done at all, without playing hard through the very same way as he did.

-Event: A humble, puny bird is what you need to reach the open door at the top of Silvermane Ward's corner in the Underyard, which will leads to a possible exit out such place.
-Moral: The complications and heaviness of high technology can usually be eased by simply caring about the frailest and most dime tenets of living nature.

-Event: Vitium lives in solitude, isolated from people, unable to move away for too much time from his pool of purity bathwaters without feeling the pain of his chronic disease.
-Moral: Many people think that solitude is disgrace, but it is because of disgraces that many start to prefer solitude.
-Moral: Delving too deep and too long into unkwown issues, like technomagical research, is like staring to an abyss: it might also gaze back inside you.

-Event: The banks and many undercity merchants will sell and buy from you in a way that always makes them the winner, yet they understand that you grind your goods as they do.
-Moral: Misery and violence are the foundations of our daily existence, which makes this world and therefore its economy systems a predatory thing: make business or be the business.
-Moral: The oldest business in the world and the one who truly conceals the nature of win-lose relationships in every other form of trading is war.

-Event: Shaw, like Andros, Vitium and Valmar Schacht, pass their lives apart from the rest of the people, yet they are prosperous like no one else around.
-Moral: If your goals keep you apart from the masses, stay apart.
-Moral: The secret of invention is being alone, this how inspiration comes, this is how ideas are born. (Tesla)

-Event: Cash and coins are the usual currency in the country, except for the anarchocommunist rogues and fanatic cultists of the Underyard, whom trade with bottled blood.
-Moral: Money has only the value people decide to give to it.

-Event: In the corners and endings of Voidmyst's dead passages, annoying sentinels are watching as if they had nothing to do in their life better than being obstacles to you.
-Moral: In the most unlikely situations you may also find irrational, frustratingly unthought causes of failure and misfortune, you decide how much or how little ready you want to be for them.

-Event: Shaw lives in fear of cultists and rogues visiting his surroundings at midnight.
-Moral: Lone creatures are always ready for one of two things: having a meal or becoming one.

-Event: Inside the castle's pit you can find some lonely mages, peacefully dedicated to their studies.
-Moral: Self-development and personal growth can often be found under the wing of someone who already stepped into the paths of your interest, making your journey faster and safer. Wise people will usually want to be close to those who are better than them.

-Event: You cannot go under the bridges at the Naga village under riding a boat, you can not pass through the smokey chimney at Schacht's unless riding a pig, you can pass into Victor's building without taking a fire resistance potion, you cannot access some place behind open windows unless clicking the chairs or couches lying at the other side.
-Moral: In order to have something you never had, you must do/be something you never did/were.

-Event: Underyard mages are resentful against Vitium for blocking their entrance to his bunker. The player character remains safe by being silent about his relationships outside.
-Moral: Boasting about your acquaintances can turn their enemies into yours: Unlike fame, privacy is a form of versatility and versatility means power.

-Event: The local butcher at Urban Central can be found presuming of his mercy towards his slaughtered animals claiming that a single blow from his enchanted sword finishes the work in little time.
-Moral: Even the executioner of a village can grow a reputation performing his dirty tasks with elegance and cleanliness as much as possible.

-Event: Having a little hut with an enchanted hoe of growth can be more than enoug to make a living, yet the artifact is expensive and your initial cash is not enough to afford it, forcing the character into wageslavery.
-Moral: To handle your resources, resources must be consumed. Life is mostly a trading game we never know too much about.

-Event: At some point you won't be able to go forth without some Traveler's Boots. You could buy them at Blackwell's but the npc interface doesn't even bother to show them since their price is presumably astronomical, henceforth the player's character decides to craft a pair on his own. Whenever you take them off after trying them, you will feel awkward and sluggish while moving.
-Moral: Even if you do possess technology, you never truly dominate it unless having access to its sources and knowledge. Otherwise it's techology who dominates you.
-Moral: Freedom will always require power, so directly proportional is their relationship that there is no first one without the last. So much power, so much addiction/habit comes with it, which means that power will always be trying to gain back whichever freedom you acquire from it.

>Just in case:

The adventure map: https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/maps/3101553-thaumium-rogue-modded-map-1-7-10-forge-adventure
The photo gallery: https://mega.nz/folder/BAETTKRC#HaKtAkUEZ7IfBg9X8lzuow/folder/cBUjzK7S

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