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crystal.cafe Mastodon Anonymous Admin 614

Hi everyone!

We're currently considering setting up a Mastodon instance for crystal.cafe.

Mastodon is a social media network similar to Twitter which everyone can host as a smaller self-moderated community, each called an instance. Users from all instances are able to communicate with any other instances unless they are private ones.

Some perks of Mastodon:

- adjust the privacy of each post (like Facebook)
- customize your feed by using different columns for a private and a global timeline, excluding languages you don't speak, and so on
- spoiler options, 500 character post length, gif support

The big disadvantage: Mastodon is still young and the userbase is small. (Like us!) Some might be discouraged from exploring it because it caters to a specific group. However, since we'd host our own instance untouched by the global community (unless you choose to curate your timeline differently), it really would be whatever our users make it. By bringing your friends along, you can help it grow into a small community of just what you want.

If we can get enough users to state their interest, we will get a domain (your personal url would be something like crystal.cafe/@user) and host an instance. Please let us know by replying to this post!

Two examples of a crystal.cafe mastodon on different instances:

Anonymous Admin 615


Anonymous 616

I'd love to try!

Anonymous 617

Very cool, just found out about Mastodon the other day but there weren't any instances that looked interesting to me currently up. I would definitely join if you set one up though!

Anonymous 618

I like this idea. Could be something cool! Would have a look if you were to set it up.

Anonymous 619

i dont even have a twitter so i'd use this!

Anonymous 622

this looks really nice AND it's opensource and 0 advertising AND I'm not gonna get assblasted by business buying my data I'm assuming. Wewlad. snail pls be my bffl you know the best things

Anonymous 623

"toots", though….

Anonymous 625

"Girl toots" is going to attract an odd crowd.
A very odd crowd…

Anonymous Admin 626

Excited about all the positive feedback, I'll start setting it up very soon.

Big question: Should we keep it female only or open it up to everyone? If we decide to keep it restricted to women, male users' accounts would be terminated upon being reported. Male users can still make accounts on different instances and message users on our instance unless we a) make it a private instance or b) users individually change their settings to stay within their instance.

Let me know!

Anonymous 627

I don't have a preference either way.

Anonymous 628

>Should we keep it female only or open it up to everyone?
If you open it up to men, I will not be using it. It ruins the purpose of this community. Sorry to be so misandry-chan about it, but it's true. I'm sick of their dominating presence on the internet and everywhere else. They're always the loudest and most arrogant, and they demand access to everything. Not to mention they're primary concern for joining will be for da p00sy and to find a gf.

Anonymous 629

Please keep it to women only. Stuff like this is what makes me scared of the admin being a guy, as silly as it sounds.

Anonymous 631

I really like the idea. I'm terrible with social media and tbh I hate it/don't use it, but I'd give this a try. Girls only, please!

IIRC snail said she'd talk to anyone on voice chat to let them know she's female, so you can ask her to do that if you want to.

Anonymous Admin 632


Understood, let's keep it female only. I plan on not doing much moderation and encourage usage of the block button instead, but male profiles can and should reported in this case.

Every user on our instance can adjust their settings to either stay within the crystal.cafe instance or allow users from other instances to contact them.

Anonymous 634

I'm with you on this. Also inb4 salty but I noticed often even with small numbers of men in women's spaces, the conversation goes from women hanging out, casual stuff, to trying to impress the guy/guys.

Plz no men.

Anonymous 635

Never heard of this website before but i like the idea of it.
Personally, i'd be ok with men joining since we already have this board if we want an all female website with no men allowed.

Bit of an unpopular opinion around these parts, but I think being very anti-men in all the branches of cc could make some potential new female users not want to join since it makes it seem like the userbase is a very certain way and only that way, which will hinder site growth a lot or only attract a very /specific/ crowd.
Banning trolls/thristy men/obious men baiters and letting those that do not want to make the conversation about them but want to have normal discussions participate would be optimal IMO.

Anonymous 636

>Banning trolls/thristy men/obious men baiters and letting those that do not want to make the conversation about them but want to have normal discussions participate would be optimal IMO.
They can already do this just so long as they don't punctuate their posts with "Male here" or speak insistently about the fact that they have a dick. I get it though, that must be difficult for a man to do.

Anonymous 637

thank I agree, please make it women only :)

Anonymous 638

Jw how easy it is to use for anyone who has signed up already? Kind of lazy about learning how to use a new website lol but I'm also intrigued considering it's new and I'd like to move away from other social media.

Also has the friend finder thread been deleted?

Anonymous 639

I haveen't signed up so can't help you on that, but the Friend Finder thread was deleted so robots, poltards and incels wouldn't add us when they "invaded" the place.
Idk how safe it would be to put it up again since robots still lurk here and i doubt any of us want them creeping on us.

Anonymous 642

Okay so I signed up for an account. It's quite similar to Twitter like the Admin said. Waiting for others to join before I judge whether I like it or not :)

Ah damn, that's so annoying. Are we safe nowhere? Hopefully this new website will offer the opportunity to make friends!

Anonymous 643

Nothing against it, but how is this batter than discord?

Anonymous 644

I just joined too. I never used Twitter so I'm pretty confused, but I wanna give it a chance! Seems pretty cool tbh.

Anonymous 702


So…. is this happening?

Anonymous 706

That site is a nice concept. Hope it picks up.

Anonymous 1036


Sunshinegarden got banned on Mastodon? What happened?

Anonymous 1037

It says right there why they were banned?

Anonymous 1055

Not that user, but lmao really? Chans attract chans and people really expect longtime channers to not say those sort of things just for the ~*privilege*~ of being on a niche community where none of us can even be certain that we're talking to other women anyway?

This shit is hilarious.

Anonymous 1086

Is anyone still interested in this?? It sounds neat, but I fear if I did join I'd forget about it much like I did with Twitter for a time.

Anonymous 1088

Mods, I know I might be acting rude here but why use these social networks instead of creating a discord channel (which is widely used already)? I mean, I'm not sure but I think even amino is more popular.
I know the consequences that come with crystal cafe becoming more popular but still, I don't really see a reason not to use discord.

Anonymous 1090

Ohhh discord would be nice!!!

Anonymous Admin 1105

This is true. I wanted to try Mastodon for the novelty, but it seems like it will not be feasible in the long run. So I am currently setting up a Discord server. I will add the invite link to the site when I am done setting up privacy and roles.

Anonymous 1110

gay niggers from s…

No. If you are going to run a GNU/social instance, do not use mastodon social. They have blocked nearly half of the network and will not syndicate with instances that use non-mastodon software in an attempt to get a monopoly over the protocol. If anything, set up a https://gnu.io/social/ instance and then use Neo-quitter or something similar. I can assist in setup if you need it, but my guess is if you managed to host this you don't really need the help getting it running.

Also some experience from doing GNU/social stuff, you need a valid ssl cert to syndicate. Else it won't work right. Turn on fancy urls. It is annoying to set up sometimes if you are using nginx but you also need it to syndicate. And join the GNU/social axis. You might get groups in with nepfag and his crew but it is a lot better than being at the mercy of Gargon's astigmatism gang (A small taste of the astigmatism: gargon once called a guy "literally hitler" when he asked a different instance owner details about the protocol).

In all honesty, you are better off not getting involved with Mastodon/gnusocial in the first place. Tons of drama is attached to it.

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