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Are you being baited? Anonymous 6225

Other anons feel free to add onto this list, as I don't doubt the style of trolling will evolve as we catch on to it.

I've noticed a few patterns with bait-posting/trolling. I hope this can help you not to waste time on responding to these sorts of disruptors. While they may or may not be men, or just very rude women, they're often not worth your time.

The following traits indicate a high likelihood of bait/troll/not-worth-your-time post:

(note: example sentences aren't 100% indicative of trolling. Use context and your own judgement.)

- Overly aggressive, often to innocuous statements. Otherwise disproportionately aggressive.

(e.g. Statement: My arms are really weak. I'm hoping to train up my arm muscles!

Response: Fucking pickme bitch, sometimes I wonder if you're secretly a scrote lurking the board. Get some self-esteem, grow a spine, or go kill yourself. Pickmes like you make the rest of us look bad. )

Barely any chill.

- Will find ways to insult you, adopting the language of the board. Will accuse you of being a pickme, a moid, a scrote, a tranny, etc, to try an add insult to you.

Trolls go far in pretending to be women, and will adopt the language and even make up life-events, lifestyle, their own persona, to support their views and insults.

(example of making up a life event to insult someone:

Statement: "A moid stared at me for my entire bus journey. It was rather scary."

Response: "As someone who was raped in the past, pickmes like you should shut the fuck up and stop whining. You know fucking nothing about being a victim. I bet you're a tranny larper, because you're as stupid as any scrote who cries at the slightest thing.").

Trolls already know many of us hate men, so they can include some misandry for some "realism" to their trolling.

- Generally reeks of misogyny (telling people to get raped, calling people cunts, etc), or the post reeks of excitement of an internet weirdo thinking he has the opportunity to anonymously insult a woman, or interfere with a website filled with women.

- For some reason, really invested in defending things beneficial to men's point of views

Anonymous 6235

I'm not sure if the admins or mods will see this, but it's blatantly obvious there's been a recent uptick in bait threads or very shallow ones (i.e., height, dating, children, etc.). And I ask: can these be filtered out more?

No, it's not that I normally am against threads just existing but seeing the massive amount of them being made is bizarre to me and there is also a problem if someone that likes roasting men like me gets tired of threads roasting men.
Also many of them are lowkey political, and many of them seem like something that could easily fit into a pre-existing thread.

I'm not sure if I should just report the bad threads. I mostly just lurk around CC.

Anonymous 6236

instead of deleting them, maybe they could just be moved into a hidden /trash/ board where they wouldn't be visible on the front page.

Anonymous 6666

idk if it's bait but every time someone disagrees with me I get told to "kill yourself and die and kill yourself and you're stupid and probably a tranny and…" so whether it's bait or not I don't really want to post here much longer. What's the point of a women only imageboard if every second poster on here is raging psycho?

I think imageboards might just be shit. No offence to the admin, it's not like you invented them.

Anonymous 6667

What did you post to get those reactions? I'm not saying it's right but I was never told to kms on CC lol.

Anonymous 6668

Threatening physical harm is against the rules so you can report them. Also based post number.

Anonymous 6671

Encouraging suicide is not the same as threatening to harm someone

Anonymous 6676

Rule 14: do not threaten or encourage physical harm.

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