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Anonymous 7024

Please delete the /x/ board. Some of the posts on there are way too scary for me and make me close my laptop and take a walk every time I open the board. It's not comfy and I want it to be gone

Anonymous 7025

Grow up

Anonymous 7049

lol, what a lil baby, i bet u don't even telepathically battle the demiurge in order to advance the will of the archons and transcend the physical plane.

Anonymous 7194


stfu that's my favorite board. I wish it was more active there's like 4 people who post there.

Anonymous 7195


are you a low functioning autistic?

Anonymous 7205

I agree, googoo gaga

Anonymous 7206

Don't check it then? Isn't like CC is pushing its posts onto you. I don't like that board either so I just ignore it…. Learn to control your impulses if you keep checking it to harm youself, or get some parental control that let you block certain urls (make the password a keysmash so you won't be able to access it)

Anonymous 7234

Yeah wtf op

Anonymous 7238

Low functioners are retarded and can't talk. They wouldn't be able to make OP's post.

Anonymous 7248

OP gives me /lgbtttt/ vibes tbh ngl

Anonymous 7354

You sound like an 12 year old autist who uses the word soft block unironically

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