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Why is cc so active these days? Anonymous 7210

I remember when i first used to post here there were only like 10 posts everyday and there were rarely any new threads we just replied to the old ones. Is it really just the summerfags or is there something more happening? Are more nonas learning of it's existence?

Anonymous 7211

Same two newfag tranny schizos arguing with each other incessantly

Anonymous 7212

Wait are you serious? And i thought this place was finally getting faster kek

Anonymous 7213

At first I wondered, but their syntax and typing style is so similar yeah I’m convinced it’s just two people (or even one person arguing with themselves)

Anonymous 7214

I'm sure it's just Blaine samefagging.

Anonymous 7217

I barely check /b/, /x/ and /feels/, but I started to post often on the other boards lately. At first I only did it to liven up a bit because one of my friends complained this site was too slow, but I ended up getting sucked in. It feels weird that now I'm a person who frecuents an imageboard, I have always avoided them due to their bad reputation.

Anonymous 7218

Holy shit i just looked it up and you're right, wtf.

Anonymous 7219

literally all me. I started posting about a month ago and easily post more than anyone else on this site.

not even joking btw.

Anonymous 7220

same but I only started posting yesterday because my e-bf told me he doesn't want me to be on here

Anonymous 7223

I see all your posts and you’re extremely annoying. Probably tranny too.

Anonymous 7229

Right when I was just about to think this place had a more active population… great..

Anonymous 7251

About a year ago I was fr the most active poster on CC, my pilonidal cyst era

Anonymous 7291

I thought I was the spammiest most annoying user here. Thank you for making me feel better.

Anonymous 7298

lmao i remember you!!! i hope your recovery went well and your rude stepmom is out

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