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how to directly reply to someone?? Anonymous 7366

hi all, sorry but im stupid and have never really posted on an imageboard before this, how do i directly reply to someone?

I have seen other people do it and it looks like this


but the link is purple and when you hover over it it shows the post you are replying to, but when i do it its just green lol

thanks in advance, feel free to delete if i posted to the wrong place

Anonymous 7367


Anonymous 7368

Omg you're so autistic this was adorable, I love it and I love you.

Anonymous 7369


I love you more

Anonymous 7370

Maybe so, maybe so, did you make that yourself? I hope you find the friendly ones here and avoid the stinkers, some people are just chronic fun ruiners, don't ever let them get you down, okay?

Anonymous 7371

I didn't make it myself, some wonderful anon in the Cece thread made it. I will keep my head up, the people I have met so far seem very nice. You are a very nice person

Anonymous 7373


Just kidding this isn't 4chan

Anonymous 7381

I wonder if we could have a page like lolcow's that shows imageboard newfags how to use the site functions such as post quoting.

Anonymous 7394

that would be awesome!

Anonymous 7404

I second this, CC was the first imageboard I used and I was pretty confused at how to use a few fuctions. They're pretty easy to find if you click around a bit, but I think it would still be helpful.

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