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Anonymous 7681

Is admin still alive?! All this talk about the admin being innactive is just worrisome. Snail are you still looking over us?

Anonymous 7682

Maybe we should create a CC emergency server so we can coordinate a new imageboard in case this one goes down.

Anonymous 7683

If you make a server, could you make it on a site that's not Discord (i.e. Matrix)? bc discord asks for phone number

Anonymous 7684

They deactivated the ability to post images not a long time ago, i'm pretty sure that's something only the admin can do which means Snail is probably still here.

Anonymous 7685

Was that nine months ago? That's the latest I could find any evidence for Snail being active.

Anonymous 7686

There is a CC Discord already, but I'd also prefer Matrix (or IRC, maybe). Discord is literal spyware.

Anonymous 7687

I would love a matrix server too. discord is a shit platform. There's also another app called revolt, although I'm not too sure if it's any good.

Anonymous 7688

No, it was 4 months ago or something.

Anonymous 7689

Anonymous 7700

Even if she is she doesn't make an effort to respond to complains or check if there's an imposter in the janny ranks
I can't blame her, even ignoring the frequent cp/gore/tranny raids it's not fun reading complaints about your imageboard especially if you can't come up with a cohesive solution for it

Anonymous 7701

I understand being overwhelmed by the IB and needing a break but i do think it would be nice for her to leave a little message to know if she's on hiatus or something along those lines

Anonymous 7702


Mods can you please start banning anons who respond to men like you're supposed to
And I mean very obvious men who literally admit they're men
The anons who keep responding are the ones who keep those men coming back

Anonymous 7703

responding to moids is against the rules and there's a reminder to not to respond to maleposters at the top of the page but nonas seem to ignore it and their replies don't get deleted, maybe the mods don't want to lose any remaining female posters by banning them? that's the only possible reason for not banning the responders i guess

Anonymous 7704

Admin I hope your doing good, come back plz

Anonymous 7706

>no response in 4 days

its likely CC only has a Janitor and a Mod. Jesus this is messed up.

Anonymous 7707

:( This is depressing

Anonymous 7710

There's a poster who keeps calling everyone who posts an anime pic a moid, probably a moid themselves. Can constant moid talk and accusations be banned next

Anonymous 7711

Can anyone explain why terfposting #26 was deleted? If it's a moid we also should know.

Anonymous 7715

The TERF thread OP probably got banned and had her post history nuked alongside. (Happens automatically with a ban.)

Getting banned doesn't mean you are a moid, sometimes you just get banned for derailing or political sperging.

Anonymous 7719

not all bans result in having your entire post history nuked, i once got a ban for bait but they only deleted the offending post, not the others

Anonymous 7724


im gonna cry snail pls come back…

Anonymous 7725

Snail reply to me if you are still alive

Anonymous 7750


Snail. The spamming situation is dire. If you just want the website to die off just say so. Because not responding, not taking in new jannies and pretending like this place doesn't exist will eventually led to it to die. Not everyone is desensitized enough to ignore spam. Your female userbase is fleeting because of moids and you'll eventually lose my loyalty to the site too. I know I might not be much in the grand scheme of things but I'm tired of not having even a dime of response. I frankly have no idea if this place is real anymore. Just feels like CC is a ghost town with 24 female posters at max, 2 jannies that are still active but can't delete posts all the time (i assume time zone and personal life) and maybe 1 mod at best. Depressing. Situation. FUCK!! I hate seeing this IB i loved so much slowly die like this. If you want to kill cc please just shut it down, don't let it slowly and painfully bleed out to die like this.

Anonymous 7751

i hate to say it but i think it's already dead and we are just living off the remains. most new threads seem to be moids baiting arguments and most responses are also moids in my opinion. there is hardly any interaction and any post that moids aren't interested in responding to seem to get one pity reply at best from real girls. 24 female posters seems like wishful thinking from what i have seen unfortunately. does anyone have any theories as to what happened to snail?

Anonymous 7752

Disregard tranny baiters. Remember who benefits from this website dying.
There are not enough jannies, but spam is always deleted and moids are always banned, eventually. So this place isn't a ghost town. Suspect everyone who tells you otherwise or calls for shutting down the site.

Anonymous 7753

This place seems pretty active to me

Anonymous 7754

"eventually" is doing a lot of heavy lifting here nona, you should put yourself in the shoes of a euro miner for one day.

Anonymous 7755

I'm the anon at >>7750 and believe me i don't want the site to be shut down. CC is probably one of my favorite places on the internet. But maybe the spam today was too much for me. Seeing this place abandoned by the admin makes me wish she shut it down instead of making it die a painful slow death. A lot of female posters are actually turned away from all that spam and I can clearly sense it. Like I've said in the post, not everyone here is desensitized enough to handle all this. I consider myself desensitized enough and even then that was just too much. The fact that snail doesn't show even a tiny bit of hope of existing is also severely putting a downer on everyone's morale. It's just very very discouraging when you know how the site was even just a year ago. It wasn't that bad. The worst I remember is the CP spam and snail was there to disable image posting for a while. Now there's nothing from her. I feel like there's a lot of empty janny seats too. I remember the moderation being snappier a while ago. Now it takes a whole day sometimes. I'm convinced some jannies just abandonned their work for X or Y reasons. Telling us "just apply for janny" would be a good solution up until you find out snail is literally not responding to anyone.

Anonymous 7756

I'm an euro miner, and I still think this site should survive even with an army of seething troons posting scat porn to it every week. They can seethe, sneed and dilate.

Anonymous 7757

Well, it's an optimistic way to see it. But don't expect a lot of women staying because I'm on the verge of just leaving. I'm frankly too fed up. Better have a private discord server that is female-only. It sucks that women have to secretely congregate to even have normal conversations with each other. Maybe I'm too negative. I hate moids. They literally ruin everything they touch.

Anonymous 7758

Well, you are free to go and make your server. I am staying, as I'm sure many others will. Frankly, after decades of being online there's nothing that can scare me away.
The board doesn't need to die just because one seethy troon throws a literal shit fest.

Anonymous 7759

i didnt say anything about shutting it down and i dont want it to die chill out
i have been here every day for months and it seems pretty slow other than when obvious moids stumble in to post about dumb stuff like giant women or threads designed to bait conflict

Anonymous 7760

The terf threads are extremely active and constantly hitting post limit, and so are the radfem threads. This board has been much more active than it was two years ago.

Anonymous 7761

Hopefully you're all right then. This place is too precious and I hate seeing how moids want it destroyed. The admin issue still remains though.

Anonymous 7762

>I still think this site should survive
So do I, but I imagine hours long of uninterrupted gore and scat porn would drive the average user out and it looks like they're not even accepting new janitor applications. So where do we go from here?

Anonymous 7763

If Snail has actually abandoned us, who will pay for this site to keep running? Renting a server costs money. You usually pay for a year in advance. This board could be gone in a few months.

Anonymous 7764

i post in the terf threads and that is what keeps me coming back, but most other threads seem pointless to post in because like i said you may get one pity reply but there doesn't seem to be much interest, and they fall back down into the catalog for weeks. and even the terf threads can go like 12 hours without a post. maybe i am just too used to faster activity but it makes it feel like there are only 5 people here sometimes, i hope that isn't the case.

Anonymous 7765

Like I said, we should make a bunker server, archive everything and bring the site back up if it goes down. Many communities survived this way.

Anonymous 7766

There's already a semi-active CC Discord. Maybe we could use that for a start.

Anonymous 7767

i genuinely wonder how long cc will stay at this point

Anonymous 7768


What do you think about this site?
It's a p2p forum where you can make your own communitites. We could get away with posting terf stuff in there.

Anonymous 7769

sounds promising, but im not sure of how to use it, some nonas might need to adjust a little

Anonymous 7771

I am working on it.

Anonymous 7773



Anonymous 7777

thanks nona.

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