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Gender critical discussion should have new guidelines Anonymous 8612

Sorry if this annoys some anons but I have to float the idea, I can't stay silent about it anymore

I feel like NONE of of the gc discussion actually attracts remotely normal people anymore. Normal women have completely left this board.

Virtually none of the trans discussion sounds as if it didn't seep out of some backwater dump

I miss what gender critical discussion used to be, before it was hijacked by degenerate moids trying to turn cc and lc women into die hard right wing racists, homophobes and nutjobs.

So maybe we should ought to have set guidelines to keep GC talk from devolving into crap?

I feel like it makes the board a magnet for the most vile moids exclusively now. All the good posts have completely disappeared. Petty and trashy incoherent ramblings are mostly whats left because the brains have gone.

Seriously we cant have standards?
I genuinely dont want to visit this place anymore. You feel like you're talking to unhinged mouth breathers when someone even mentions trannies

Gender critical discussion could be a topic we actually gain from. Investigating the egregious ways TIMS impose on women and their spaces.

Why can't it just be a rule that we keep that discussion free of trashy moid energy??

I know I'm not the only person just downright tired of being accused of being a tranny for anything now

I'm literally into GC myself I just think the moids that come around with it are worse than the trannies some days.

Anonymous 8613

"Trashy moid energy" is vague. How would something like that be monitored or enforced?

Anonymous 8614

Concern trolling involves someone opposing an idea or viewpoint, yet acting like they’re an advocate for the cause. A concern troll offers undermining criticisms under the guise of concern. Their goal is to sabotage the cause being discussed, and to inspire doubt among group members. This occurs in groups rallied around a particular issue, especially in political parties, and the goal of concern trolling is to cause dissent within a community.

Anonymous 8618

Idk start somewhere with just a few really simple things ?

Something like not repeating the same things over and over just because user is drunkenly frothing at the mouth. Seriously is it just me or is there a lot of drunk rage posting ?

When you see it you can tell all of two brain cells went into the cheap rambling shoddily thrown together like they're on a bender. They aren't even trying to sound with it

Manipulating speech, like calling someone a tranny for something unrelated to trans discussion.

When it happens i'll be doing something like discussing contraception methods, and somebody calls me Blaine. It's getting obvious there is moid manipulation of all threads afoot and they're just using the terfposting to turn the posts against women.

Yes I'm sure there's a Blaine but get the scrote posts out of here

Anonymous 8621

pick a few posts and tag them so we have examples

Anonymous 8623

laughing cece.png

>normal women

Anonymous 8624

Will do.

Anonymous 8627

I've flagged and reported a bunch now. I've gotten no response. I'm confused do you want me to post them here?

Anonymous 8628

Newfag, leave.

Anonymous 8629

Nope sorry scrote.

Anonymous 8630


Anonymous 8632

Literally go back to twitter. You moronic pearl-clutchers are either troons or people who should never be in imageboards, you're killing this website like you kill everything you touch.

Anonymous 8634

people who want quality GC discussion are going to go to websites like ovarit that have mechanisms like upvotes/downvotes to regulate quality
People who want to shit on and argue with trannies are going to go to websites like Twitter and 4chan

So if anyone who wants a quality safe space are on sites like ovarit, and if anyone who wants to anonymously argue with trannies is on twitter or 4chan, who is left on cc? Nutjobs who get downvotes on ovarit and come here to be insane, and then the mods who have picked TE over RF make excuses for conservatism and ban women who have any opinion about trannies that isn't foaming at the mouth negativity. Leading to this forum turning into a shit show and slowly dying. Mods please touch grass there are lots of topics worth discussing with other women that have nothing to do with hating trannies

Anonymous 8636

Your entire post is filled with bullshit and inconsistencies, so much that you have to wonder if you're not really a troon trying to derail the website with your bullshit.
>able to shit on troons
lmao Twitter is troon safe haven, you are banned for MISGENDERING troons.
If you like the upvote system you don't belong on an imageboard. Your post reads like satire on a normie who stumbled upon non-twitter/tiktok/instagram internet and is shocked about normal speech without clout counting systems, but I believe it's actually real.

Anonymous 8637

double-posting because this needs to be addressed since many of you normies don't seem to get it
>and then the mods who have picked TE over RF
this isn't a radfem forum. it's an anoymous imageboard for women to discuss whatever we want, in which two threads are dedicated to 1. shitting on troons (terfposting) and 2. radical feminism (radfem thread). The terfposting thread was created explicitly to shit on troons, it was stated in the OP from the very first thread. If it bothers you, hide the thread or gtfo.

Anonymous 8638

Back to ovarit, boomer

Anonymous 8639

Then leave

Anonymous 8640

>make excuses for conservatism
it amazes me how some users think only certain women should be allowed to post here. your personal beliefs are not synonymous with womanhood, where do you get off trying to gatekeep a thread you clearly just stumbled on a week ago. if all the nutjobs from ovarit came here, then shouldn't you be over there?

Anonymous 8644

I also find the contrast really telling. We have handmaidens coming here to complain we're being too mean to the trooniewoonies, meanwhile the troons attack us with CP.

Anonymous 8648

t. Andrew Tate fan-moid

Anonymous 8649

Hi nonas, make sure to report the not so subtle moid above trying to stir up infights and don't bother responding to him.

Anonymous 8650

are you talking about the post directly above yours? because i was going to respond with what the heck that has to do with what i said, but if you're saying it's a moid then i'll ignore it.

Anonymous 8651

It is a moid, just report him.

Anonymous 8652

How would you know?

Anonymous 8653

Anonymous 8654

I'm not allowed to say anything or my posts get deleted. I havent posted in a month because my posts keep getting deleted when I agree with a male poster

Anonymous 8655

Replying to moids is a bannable offense so it makes sense.

Anonymous 8658

Anyone who speaks up against conservative interlopers is a moid apparently

Anonymous 8659

i dont reply to moids but my post is still deleted

Anonymous 8660

Reap what you sow.

Anonymous 8666

God go back to fucking pol, with your nazis and degenerate trailer trash.

You drag this place down with your shitty energy. It's completely obvious your a moid calling everyone who wants to talk about other things a tranny, anyone who hates the bad energy a tranny, anyone who wants to stop shitting up this website with your tedious low tier histrionics a tranny. Talking to you irl would be torture, you probably have zero friends because all you do is bitch about and call people trannies. We don't want your scrotey energy ruining this place. You don't even sound like a woman, and yet you always hurl ywnbaw at anyone we who disagrees with you. It's rich coming from you. Go ahead call me a tranny again you rightoid dumpsterfire faggot

Anonymous 8667

We could care less if you're mean to troons but your energy is trashy, stirs up nothing but infighting go back to the trailer park already sleazebags

Anonymous 8670

nta but i don't think you have the right to complain about bad energy with how nasty you are acting in these posts. why do you feel it's okay to use derogatory terms like trailer park trash while complaining about racism?

Anonymous 8672

you complain about stirring up infighting yet that is all you seem to do.

Anonymous 8674

if you really think i am a moid then you are breaking the rules by responding to me. i am going to stop talking to you now because i believe your whole purpose here is to argue and vent your frustrations, and i will not be a target of your abuse.

Anonymous 8683

Yup because I have family like that who sound EXACTLY the same, constantly raging about everything, emotionally abusing and manipulating everyone, I have NO PATIENCE for filth like that. And I'm not about to buy your simping for them. They are the splitting image. Some people are just trash and you put them out of your life for good.

I don't believe in being a doormat either. If you don't know how to be ruthless when you need be to you have a lot to learn in life. Some people want to be cancer and nothing else, they don't care. You let people walk all over you, your things, your home, they poison all of it and ruin every conceivable thing. I have my limits with the swine that come on this board and ruin it.

Anonymous 8684

Just get out faggot.

Anonymous 8685

Do you have anything to say other than "scrotey energy" and "trashy energy" lol

Anonymous 8686

> I have my limits with the swine that come on this board and ruin it.
It's not your fucking board and we were doing just fine without you. Go back.

Anonymous 8687

Yeah a ton of people just don't agree moid, there's nothing but infighting, drama, bitterness some days when psychopaths dogpile this board.

Anonymous 8688

You sound like a massive lolcow. If I were a mod I'd snoop your posts just to farm some laughs.

Anonymous 8689

No one agreed with you and you got so butt-mad you started responding to yourself and were called out for samefagging. Why are you so salty about people calling out troons? Dilate.

Anonymous Moderator 8690

Unfortunately we can't create any new guidelines or rules without the involvement of an admin. All you can do is report posts you think break the rules. Locking the thread to prevent further infighting between nonas.

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