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Dreams and Dream interpretation Anonymous 1708

I didn't see a dream thread, not nightmare. I thought it would be fun to start one. You can just talk about any dream, it doesn't have to be a nightmare.

Anonymous 1710


My dreams are so boring, usually it’s just a mix of things that i saw in the day. I haven’t had any dreams for months now

Anonymous 1848

I've been having a lot of complicated an intricate dreams as of late. Lately aliens have been a common theme among them. Along with the world ending. Despite being in a LTR my boyfriend hasn't been in them. And there was a reoccurring guy in my dreams on multiple nights, who I don't know in rl, who was pursuing me.
My dreams are usually wild and detached from reality. A lot of the places in my dreams are fantastical and don't exist in reality.

Another thing common in my dreams is that it's usually night time in my dreams. Or pitch darkness, I don't question it when I fly in space. But it's usually something I note of when I look out a window of my dream or step outside a building.

Anonymous 1866

Most of the time i'd have a dream where in it, i'm hanging out with my old best friend. (We never really talk anymore) I find it strange how she's always the one in my dreams that consist of us having fun doing what we usually do or what we would do if we were still close.

But when it comes to my present friends, who've sticked with me for a long time, they're usually not there or just background people. Sometimes, this one friend specifically is portrayed as a person who avoids and mildly fears me. Tbf, I did dislike him when we first met, but that was such a long time ago.

Is this a way my subconcious is telling me that I miss my friend and haven't moved on? I find these dreams in particular really odd.

Anonymous 1867

If you dream of her, usually you want her. You probably regret not talking more to her. Everyone else has satisfied you socially. Also you really must have gotten some trauma from that "one friend" that time.

Anonymous 1868

They say that if someone keeps coming into your dream its actually them missing you

Anonymous 1870

Yeah, that makes sense. I do miss her. Our friendship ended on a bad note sadly and its mostly my fault, hence why I avoided her because we couldn't get along anymore and want to stop making her feel hurt. A year later, She greeted me with a smile and told me "Anon, we haven't talked in a long time!" And I just smiled back. Now I regretted it and wished I said something because maybe she misses me too.

About the "one friend" nah, wasn't traumatized lol. 2 years ago he just mildly annoyed me because he has a staring problem (he does it to everyone) I openly stated that I really hated him for it hence why he feared me a bit at one point. We're now super close of course, but he's like that most of the time in my dreams and I don't know why I always dream of him like that.

Anonymous 1972

Lately I've been smelling and tasting stuff in my dreams.

Anonymous 4591

I dream a lot about her, what does it mean?

Anonymous 4619


I had a dream where I was a little child, I couldn't see my body but I could feel it was a child's. I was under duvet covers in a bed, could have been my own I'm not sure. Someone grabbed my face through the covers and held my head down against the the mattress. I could feel them lift the covers around my legs, exposing my naked body. I felt them start to touch in-between my legs and woke up abruptly.

Despite the unpleasant content, I felt almost no feelings during the entire dream. I get emotional numbing from depression. But this was a new level of emotional numbness. It wasn't like 0.01, it was flat zero, it's how I imagine inanimate objects feel.

Anonymous 4634

i pet and fed a cute hyena cub :) but thats all i recall
any other miners here have a problem with remembering dreams? what can i do to change this?

Anonymous 4640


Last night I saw my oneitis, this megane dude that used to go to the kinoplex with me I think. He was smiling at me from a television screen, with a sockpuppet or something. Interesting because iirc he loved creepy puppets and all that shit, weird guy but he was really sweet to me.
Even if I never see him again, at least I can in my restless dreams.

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