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Anonymous 1898

Which one is more terrifying to you
>We are alone in the Universe
>We are not alone in the Universe

Anonymous 1899

that we are alone. It's nonsensical of course but… eugh it gives me the shivers thinking that humans could be the 'be all end all' of sentient, intelligent life.

Anonymous 1900


Anonymous 1901

We are definitely not alone.

Anonymous 1902

Yeah, I’d have to go with this one being scarier. The ENTIRE fucking universe, and humans are the exclusive rare anomaly of sentient intelligence forming out of carbon atoms. It shifts the paradigm of life being a “thing” towards life just being “one of many one-off quirks in the universe’s buggy code”. Because then who knows what else is out there that’s as rare and phenomenal as life, yet NOT life? What else can random arrangements of atoms do that we haven’t witnessed?

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