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Anonymous 1898

Which one is more terrifying to you
>We are alone in the Universe
>We are not alone in the Universe

Anonymous 1899

that we are alone. It's nonsensical of course but… eugh it gives me the shivers thinking that humans could be the 'be all end all' of sentient, intelligent life.

Anonymous 1900


Anonymous 1901

We are definitely not alone.

Anonymous 1902

Yeah, I’d have to go with this one being scarier. The ENTIRE fucking universe, and humans are the exclusive rare anomaly of sentient intelligence forming out of carbon atoms. It shifts the paradigm of life being a “thing” towards life just being “one of many one-off quirks in the universe’s buggy code”. Because then who knows what else is out there that’s as rare and phenomenal as life, yet NOT life? What else can random arrangements of atoms do that we haven’t witnessed?

Anonymous 2148


my god lmao I've never thought of it that way… that's way worse

Anonymous 2149

That we are alone, because that would imply that life somehow destroys itself at some point in its development.

Anonymous 2166

that we are not alone.
the idea that we are alone doesnt scare me because theres nothing to be scared of. of were alone that means theres nothing malicious to threaten us that we dont know about. i think that this is unlikely though, im sure that there is other intelligent life out there.

Anonymous 2167

Anonymous 2168

>there must be A despite no evidence
>but there isn't, i.e. no evidence, why?
>there must be B stopping A, yes that's why

Anonymous 2169

So what is your explanation to the Fermi paradox?

Anonymous 2170

Simple, the government's hiding aliens from the public eye.
If you've researched this enough, or even just gone outside at night sometimes, you'd know that there's no way aliens don't exist

Anonymous 2175

that we are alone. we somehow won ludicrously compounded lotteries only for such a vile species to be the pinnacle of creation. there has to be something superior to us out there, otherwise reality truly is hell.

Anonymous 2204

how biogenesis comes to be is not known. how life is developed into more complex forms and then up to animals is not known. none of this is an imperative and there is no reason to believe it requires anything less than an exact copy of earth and its history. there is no real paradox. it supposes that there must be something yet we see no evidence of it, then it needs artificial, highly speculative scifi tier 'explanations' to justify that belief, to cover what can be more simply explained by admitting you have nothing to work with. this is basic empiricism.

Anonymous 2206

I hope that you are right and that we really are that special, that we are the first intelligent life forms in visible universe, and that we will colonize other star systems before our sun turns into red super giant, and that there is nothing that can hinder humanity's existence indefinitely. Although, intuitively death via superintelligent AI seems more plausible to me.

Anonymous 2207

That we're not alone. Better the devil you know than the devil you don't

Anonymous 2273


Even if there is life elsewhere in the universe, it's very likely beneath us in terms of advancement. It's a wild stroke of luck that there is life here on Earth at all. On top of that, intelligent too?

Ah, if there is no plan, no God, well that's what terrifies me in the end. Because the odds are insane.

Anonymous 2275

There is also no origin to the iniverse matter is infinite. Cant be created or destroyed only transformed. Which means this has already happened at some point in the universe eternal existance. Or not this exactly but very similar things, infinity allows for unlimited difference too but lots of similarities.

Anonymous 2287

i think i remember hearing that space is actually probably brimming with life, just it's mostly microbial.

Anonymous 2290

There's gotta be intelligent life out there, we may never meet it though. in the vast infinite universe, if we truly were alone that would be so boring and honestly scary. in the infinite universe how could we be alone?

Anonymous 3662

That we are not alone but there's a great filter. Imagine being the highest level of refinement matter ever had in the universe, only to wither away faster than a supergiant star

Anonymous 3677

i've got assignments i need to submit, that's what is more terrifying to me than both these possibilities.

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