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Two Sisters Anonymous 2005

hard, cold girl with the chin always up, bottom lip lifted, arms folded, stone gaze and stiff walk, guarded while sitting. guy with a non attached head rolling around as he prowls, finger to his lips, drunk fighter but sober, choirboy pitches in the heat of argument w his boss

his hands pale and bent downwards as if to receive a kiss but instead to say "come here". his head is always moving to assert itself but there is no show of strength, yet there is great violence. she shakes hands emotionlessly, he doesn't shake hands

she puffs up her cheeks like a blowfish to disguse the cry she's holding it. he zips his mouth tight, hides the laugh during meetings

once they were sisters not by the blood that is within, but by the blood that is without, a thousand years ago, but things are different now. it will never be the same, bittersweet

Anonymous 2007

Got any more?

Anonymous 2018

not yet

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