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Anyone interested in Urban legends? Anonymous 2096

Anonymous 2097

Anonymous 2100

I think the Elevator game is interesting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okslavo9mVQ
Side note: I don't think Elisa Lam was playing the game. I think she was a victim of Hollywood SRA(Satanic Ritual Abuse).
Also the connection between Elisa Lam and LAM-ELISA (Test for TB) was weird. Was the movie Dark Water predictive programming?

Anonymous 2103


Japanese urban legends are so interesting for some reason

Anonymous 2117


anon I don't think the test is related to the girl, it's just an acronym for lipoarabinomannan enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. but her story is super creepy, I remember when another board was all over it trying to decipher the writings on the wall. Also the similarities with the movie. She had scheduled posts on her Tumblr so she kept "posting" after death, creepy stuff.

>the elevator game

It made me think of Urasekai Picnic. It's really the manga for anyone who enjoys urban legends.

Anonymous 2121

'It's just an acronym for lipoarabinomannan enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.'
OK but the names could be planned. Elisa could've been just a character, Elisa Lam and Lam Elisa.
I know it sounds schizo but we're in /x/ anyway, I believe things like these are planned rituals/energy harvesting

Anonymous 2122

ELISA assays have been around since 1971…

Anonymous 2123

Yeah I'm saying that's where her name could come from if it was in fact planned beforehand and if the movie Dark Water was predictive programming

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