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Anonymous 2128

Am I a bad person if I get off to rape genre in hentai?
I'm afraid I've become so pornsick as a person, the only type of hentai I can get off to now is the kind that's pic-related.
Do not look at pic if you are easily disturbed by blood/rape/severe sexual content.

I know, it's awful and it's bad, but I can't help it.
Do I condone rape? Absolutely fucking not. My childhood friend was raped and I cried when she told me about it. I was recently hospitalized, last year, after hearing the traumatizing news that another close friend of mine was raped.
But still, only in hentai, do I get off to stuff like this. I can really only get off to hardcore stuff like orc monster x hentai girl and some rape in hentai.
I like hentai like Oni ChiChi and Jk to Orc No Heidan Buta Oni.
Can anyone else relate to having this problem? Am I the only girl who's into this sort of stuff?
Am I a bad person?
Am I porn sick?

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 2129

Moved to >>>/nsfw/3536.

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