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Anonymous 2378

How do i get myself to develop psychosis? Im so fucking bored. I wanna believe in some insane shit

Anonymous 2379

Become very religious.

Anonymous 2380


It’s not quite psychosis, but I will latch onto people who leave trails (it’s easier for dead ones) and make obsessive logs of everything they say/do, then steal parts of their personalities. If you want to become a person who believes in strange beliefs, you need to copy the logic systems of a strange person. By repeating their words to yourself enough, they become automatic to you as if they were your own thoughts. It is easier to do with belief systems that use unique language.

Another thing you can do is create playlists that alternate moods every song (from screaming to weeping to joyful twangs to purenoise.) This can put you in a state of emotional unrest and make you more susceptible to signs.

Anonymous 2381

Become a stoner. I've encountered peeps who've gotten literally psychotic by doing so…There are some studies proving that psychosis can result from too much or too frequent weed or psychedelics, too. You'll probably permanently ruin your brain and your memory, though. Might damage your lungs, too.

Anonymous 2382

Honestly this. Get into the deeper meanings as well of what religion is and you can fuck yourself up badly like this. God's speed, God is all loving but boy do some theories and the fear of hell begin fucking you up. You just gotta make yourself believe

Anonymous 2383

Idk sleep deprive yourself and start watching conspiracy YouTube videos and only spending time in a white room

Anonymous 2384

where do you find people like that?

Anonymous 2385


the internet i assume? people leave trails via using the same name, having the same art style, being involved in fandoms/groups, having friends, etc etc.
Depends: do you want to trail and irl person (via facebook, insta, etc) or some internet persona?

Anonymous 2387

please do not try this, psychosis is not fun in the slightest. Everything feels like a plot against you, every slight coincidence is a sign from higher powers. You feel like you are facing of against an omnipotent god who wants to trap you in purgatory forever and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

Anonymous 2395

This. Listen to what anon is saying. Psychosis isn’t fun, it’s horrifying.

Anonymous 2425

If you're predisposed, take a shit ton of hallucinogens and meth. You'll get there I promise.

Anonymous 2426

Sorry for hijacking your thread OP, but does anyone have any personal experiences (yourself or a friend/family member/partner) to share?

Anonymous 2431

i had vyvanse induced psychosis, but i never told anyone. overall my paranoia was extremely bad over small things, (im on a much lower dose now with an ssri) but the scariest time was on a walk around the neighborhood at night where i swore i saw the figure of a little girl and her mother whispering and smiling at me at every end of the street id walk past. i kept staring at one point and theyd come closer and at that point i realized it wasnt just me seeing something incorrectly. so i started crying and running home :(

Anonymous 2432

Did it look absolutely real to you even when you kept looking or was it somewhat visibly unreal? I've only had a visual hallucination once in my life and it felt so real, but I didn't feel like I was really looking at it deliberately rather than when you're dreaming and just witnessing something without actively staring.

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