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using men Anonymous 2386

how to use/manipulate moids when you look only average or even ugly? have you ever done it (if so, what and how did it happen)?

Anonymous 2389

Its so much more boring than what you're imaging. It probably sounds fun and challenging to you but in reality its incredibly easy/soul-sucking. You don't have to be some sexy drop dead gorgeous femme fatale. You just have to be average/slightly above average and approach below average men. Let them think they might be able to fuck you some day, and ask for favors(food/money/dirty work etc) in the mean time. If they get violent or impatient break it off.

Anonymous 2390

soul sucking? how?

Anonymous 2471

Men will fuck holes into the insulation between the walls. They really do not care if you're ugly. Simply approach one and do not be too forward, as their imaginations are better than anything you can ever do or say. Then as other anonette said, request whatever you want within reason.

They won't give you their whole damn wallets, but they'll budge on a lot of things depending on how good you get at it. Never actually have sex with them or do anything lewd. It ruins the whole thing and they will lose interest quickly unless you have something else to offer them. Some moids desire love. The lonely ones anyway, this usually does not work with well-adjusted people and it's way too cruel to string someone who loves you along anyway.

Why would you want to do this anyway? It's painfully easy and also makes you feel like shit.

Anonymous Moderator 2530

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