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Anonymous 2506

I fucking hate apps, everything in life requires an app now and they NEVER work for me. Half the time if I need an app for something I just have to go without because everything glitches so badly around me. Is that normal?? Or are apps actually all broken but no one else is just driven crazy by it all

Anonymous 2507

all apps are broken because companies decided that developer time is better than "computer time." of course that also means your computer time not just theirs. they don't care if they make a shitty unomptimized app as long as the process of maintenance and making it is easy through bloated engines/frameworks. optimization is a waste of time for them

Anonymous 2508

Do you have an Android anon? Google is a lot more lax about letting apps onto their market than Apple is. As a result, Androids have a much higher chance of faulty apps or apps that have huge cybersecurity flaws.

Anonymous 2519

Anon IKTF I used to have some weird shit going on with computers as a kid/teen. I constantly caused blue screens on my friends' and family members' computers. My mother used to insist that I had to have been downloading viruses or something because after I used the computer we'd constantly have to do a fresh Windows install. Same when I stayed at a friend's place and just messed around in MS Paint and AOL for a bit. Bluescreen. And every year on my birthday or in the week leading up to it, my own computer's motherboard would fry and I never got to watch a movie with my dorky friends on my bday.

Anonymous 2520

Sounds like you were cursed or maybe you were just too powerful for technology back then.

Anonymous 2521

i feel ya OP. it's fucking annoying to reach out for my phone when i'm all comfy and shit on the computer. fuck forced converting to mobile to spy through the front camera on everyone. fuck phone number verification.
who the fuck thought it was a good idea to use the small ass phone screen as the main device for everything?

Anonymous 2526



Anonymous 2533

I freaking hate apps. I haven't gone to the point I need one for everything, but when I got a printer the freaking fucker forced me to install an app and make an HP account just to use it, and then it makes me install a plug in if I want to digitalise things.

boy I remember when I was super annoyed at finding out instagram doesn't let you post from desktop. Do people actually like it better to have social media on the phone?

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