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Card readings 2991

Ask a question and I will try to answer it using my cat themed oracle deck.

If other anons want to do readings here too go ahead

Anonymous 2992

Will I be spending too much time in this cursed place I just moved to last year?


There is an eeriness about this place, and it's a change from what you've known. Don't focus on that too much and celebrate your accomplishments. Just keep doing what you're doing and things will fall into place. You won't be there too long, but you gotta go with your gut and do what you need to do because you know yourself best.

Anonymous 2994

How do I take the next step? Thanks oracle anon.


Of course, anon. I don't know if this is about a relationship, but just know this reading was very wholesome/positive and it really indicates you're in a great position for a successful relationship. Maybe something has been keeping you up at night, but you can get through it by leaning on those you love. Be there for others and they will be there for you. Whatever it is, I see you overcoming it.

Anonymous 2996

Will you do a general reading


You're going through a lot of change at the moment, but this also offers a sense of freedom. You want intimacy with someone (doesn't have to be romantic) but you're hesitant to take a risk and be vulnerable. You're in a decent place emotionally but your environment isn't helping with that. In your future you'll spend some time alone in order to overcome your personal demons. Afterward your heart will become much more open. Overall try to be more open to adventure.

Anonymous 2998

Thanks again anon. That's quite unusual since while I feel in a wholesome place I'm pretty depressed. I'll try being there for others.

Anonymous 2999

ora anon, what do you see

Anonymous 3000

Don't forget the "leaning on those you love" bit

Anonymous 3947


Anonymous 3953

I can do a rune cast if you want it

Anonymous 3954

How does a rune cast work?

Anonymous 3955

you pull runes out of a bag into like a formation usually that tells you past present future etc

Anonymous 3956

That sounds cool. I assume I just ask a question, so, um, if you want.

Will I find friends to help me with my life's project?

Anonymous 4115


Anonymous 4117

Will I get what I’m looking for if I travel.

Anonymous 4118

Should I stop trying?

Anonymous 4176

Can I have a general reading too?

Anonymous 4178

Anon, you are so right, I get it now, thanks.

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