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Drugs Anonymous 3001

Have you ever used drugs? Which ones? Did you like it? What are your favorites? Which ones would you use? Do you think it is a good tradeoff to sacrifice part of your health for some fun?
Or do you think drugs are absolute degeneracy and people just do drugs to fit in?

Anonymous 3003


I don't like "changed mind" feeling, i don't drink and don't do drugs.

Anonymous 3004

I only smoked weed a few times in high school. Honestly the feeling is nothing special, the highness and relaxation and fun that comes out of it is the same type of feeling I experienced while sober many times.
Other than that I'm pretty tame, none of my friends I ever hung out with in busy social situations ever used drugs or showed particular interest in it. Or even knew people that could sell us drugs. To this day idfk how you go about that irl.

Anonymous 3005


I like drugles.

Anonymous 3006

spiral leaves.jpg

i like thc edibles and mushrooms, each a couple times a year. makes for a fun day out in the forest or meadows. i'm a pretty "blah" person, it's rare for me to get excited or feel joyful – but with these induced experiences i can really see and appreciate the beauty of life and nature. corny af but true.

Anonymous 3007


I f*cking love psychedelics and ecstasy, dislike stims and enjoyed the opiates I tried. Never really understood weed and all the fuss about it, tho.
I am a very normal person and I don't take drugs that often, once or twice a year maybe, at home and very moderately because I'm such a wimp, so I don't think my consumption affects my health in any way.

Anonymous 3008

I love delsym, I hate that i do it but I shoplift it every time, they never know and then I spend the night cuddling in bed feeling like clouds are hugging me

Anonymous 3009

Why the fuck would you shoplift it?

Look, if you can't afford it at the amount and frequency that you like to do it at, then you shouldn't be taking it. You should be scaling it back so that it's infrequent and/or small enough you can afford it (once a month, once a year etc.). Or if that's not enough for you (either financially or mentally) then you probably have more serious problems and you should drop it entirely before you go broke or form a habit.

You're only perpetuating the idea that drug users are all criminals that can't control themselves. This particular type of action also give shops and legislators more and more reason to tighten regulations and put them behind the counter or even make them prescription-only.

You can still enjoy these things, but please be more responsible and work honestly for your leisure time.

Unless stealing is your leisure time, then i guess just steal other things like pens or tins of tuna or whatever!

Anonymous 3010

I smoke weed every day but I live in a legal state.
I've done a lot of drugs but it's not my scene anymore. The only drug I'll never turn down is cocaine. And lately I've been thinking maybe I should have a mushroom trip or something. Haven't done that since I was 18ish?

Anonymous 3011

I'm 22 and I've never even tried alcohol before lmao

Anonymous 3012

It's ok, alcohol is the shittiest drug ever.

Anonymous 3013

I don't have enough money to drop $17 whenever I want a quick high. Drug users are criminals lmao they're ILLEGAL

Anonymous 3014

I am abusing my prescription meds by insufflating them. Horrible taste in my throat rn.

Anonymous 3015

I think you're a bit confused:
1) Shoplifting is a crime.
2) Using drugs is not a crime (though possessing some is).

If you can't drop 17 measly bux on having a great night, then do it less frequently. It's pretty fucking simple.

Anonymous 3016

What were these drugs? Were you alone? Are you from the Ukraine? Do you live in Kiev?

Anonymous 3017

I read a lot about microdosing with psychedelics and will try it out sometime. Anyone got experience with it?

Anonymous 3018

>What are your favorites? Which ones would you use?
My rankings for drugs I've tried.
High tier
Mid tier
>LSA (only microdosed)
Meh tier

>Do you think it is a good tradeoff to sacrifice part of your health for some fun? Or do you think drugs are absolute degeneracy and people just do drugs to fit in?

It depends really. A coke addict that becomes homeless is just as fucked as a dumbass kid that gets himself or someone else killed drunk driving. Addiction is a real thing that can and will ruin people's lives. On the other hand, prohibition failed fucking miserably for the US so I'm uncertain why people think adults (and dumb teens) won't find ways of getting their fix anyway. I would say it is a cope for being bored (or poor, which also involves a lot of being bored) but most models show that once a person's life stops being shitty they tend to stop taking drugs on average(even the highly addictive ones, though will less success. In the end, I'd say there's very little risk as long as you take proper safety precautions, i.e. test your product to make sure it's what it says it is, use a scale to properly measure doses, microdose new substances for possible allergic reactions and sensitivity, and can be a fun and enlightening experience.

It's completely a degenerate activity though.

Anonymous 3019

I tried with LSD but did not manage to find the right dose. The end of the day is exhausting, lots of tension. It was actually a bit frustrating because as soon as I feel something, I forget why I microdosed in the first place (or decided to be sensible) and just want to be hiiiigh.

Anonymous 3020

If you do it right a microdose of psychedelics only makes everything seem interesting and engaging. If you have enough self awareness to reflect on meta cognitive processes you'll be able to tell a subtle difference. Word of caution though, if you have any existing mental illness psychedelics augment those too. Definitely read up on best practices and LSD therapy if that's a concern.

Anonymous 3021

I have mainly smoked weed with friends but it never really does much for me unless the strain is very potent or I smoke it from a bong. I've taken shrooms once but it wasn't a massive dose and I think they were more truffles tbh, most that happened was my head and whole body felt really heavy and i couldn't get up, oh and I laughed at almost everything we were watching so it was more just like being really fucking stoned than tripping. I'd like to do shrooms again, and possibly LSD. I mainly only have an interest in hallucinogens, but nobody really does them that much these days so are hard to get ahold of. People just want shit like ket and coke.

Anonymous 3022

You can always go after designer variants of hallucinogens. Rechem has 1P-LSD which is, according to most accounts, virtually identical to LSD. There's also 5-Meo-DMT, which, while being a proper hallucinogen in it's own right, acts nothing like actual DMT so word of caution.

Anonymous 3023

Mental disorders run through both my father and mother's families.
I'm already a NEET and near shut-in just from anxiety alone, I don't need Schizophrenia or an addiction to put the final nail in my coffin.

Anonymous 3024

To be fair, you can't develop schizophrenia. You could however worsen your existing anxiety to the point of experiencing psychosis during anxiety attacks, but that's not schizophrenia.

Anonymous 3025

Same anon, I looked into it more, it could actually happen during adolescence with Cannabis, Alcohol or Amphetamines starting a "kindling reaction" my mistake.

Anonymous 3026

Wouldnt recommend. My friend gave it a shot and it went horribly. Granted, he had a lot of other problems. He tried microdosing and it ended up with him taking multiple tabs every day and getting sent to a psych ward. The peak was when he put 8 tabs up his ass

Anonymous 3027


I smoke weed erryday and buy good craft beer and whiskey/scotch/bourbon. Wish tobacco wasn't so harmful or I'd still smoke it.

Anonymous 3028


Same with the tobacco, I wish I had enough cash to buy a good vaporizer.

Anonymous 3029

Honestly I'm terrible and just bum a smoke every once in a blue moon if I'm really craving it, I mean what's the point in investing in the vape if one cigarette holds me over for ages and tastes a million times better? I have a vape but it just isn't the same, and the juice and coils are a sorta costly replacement.

Anonymous 3030

Pot, LSD, Shrooms
Acid is great every once in a while for deep introspection, usually improves my mood for a long time as well
Pot I use mostly for my back aches, but I like the other effects too
I don't think either of the ones I use affect physical health negatively too much, though don't try to overuse anything just in case it gets me mentally odd.

Anonymous 3031

i’ve done a lsd, dxm, shrooms, weed, adderall, and your usual cigarettes and alcohol.

i think drugs are a terrible path to go on when you have an addictive personality. i use all of these as cope/escape mechanisms and it feels like my brain has been mush since.
that being said, if you do do drugs, use it safely.

Anonymous 3032


hmm brugs

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