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Piracy thread Anonymous 3033

How do you do, pirates?
Let's talk about piracy a little. A while ago, I uploaded a niche game to nyaa. It got leeched the moment I uploaded, and finished in just an hour. Distributed some 40-45 times really fast. Most leechers were Japanese too, to my surprise.

It was a really obscure game so I wonder if people are just hoarding and archiving everything on nyaa, or if there is actually a demand to pirate that kind of thing. I expected it to sit for months since all the similar things on nyaa are dead and 10 years old.

What about you ladies? Do you hoard? How do you pirate usually? Anything you share or upload?

Anonymous 3034

>Do you hoard?
The difference between hoarding and archiving is if there's organization present.
>Jow do you pirate usually?
I've been wanting to get into some private groups, but mostly Nyaa and PirateBay.
>Anything you share or upload?
Nothing yet, probably will someday though.

Anonymous 3035

>Do you hoard ?

Unless it's some obscure fangames I think might disappear off the internet, then no

>Do you share

Some obscure games are a pain in the ass to find the right versions, patches, and the potential translation patches, so I sometimes upload ready to play versions for friends that might be interested.
That's about the extent of the sharing I do

Anonymous 3036


>mfw xdcc user
I only acquire books music and anime. I have a ripper program for music (youtube)(quality sounds fine to me) and a DDL for books. torrenting is sketch since your traffic is so public. generally i stay away from big label stuff (hollywood movies, AAA games, big record labels) who actually take legal action. voi la. i hoard books because their file size is small and i like obscure stuff. music and anime are smaller, curated collections. particularly anime. file sizes are out of control.

sites keep getting taken down. a star wars soyboy just got a large book hosting site nuked. there was drama about goddess going down too. i've never shared anything but might someday, if there's need and i know a good avenue. i don't really understand where anime comes from. like, who is the first person to get an anime episode, and how?

Anonymous 3037

what game op

Anonymous 3038

Jakou no Lyla and Clepsydra

Anonymous 3039

You are the savior of otome fans everywhere.

Anonymous 3040

I went from being a weeb to a kpop fanatic and boy do I miss how easy weebshit was to pirate. There's exactly one person that I know of who uploaded some CH+ content and concert DVDs for the group that I like, and they've been inactive since 2019.

There was also a year that I went through without internet at home. I pirated on public wifi which basically meant that I relied on "index of" and luck.

Anonymous 3041

I download movies, shows, and books. After years of doing it I've only just bought a VPN for the first time this week. It might have been stupid to not use one for so long but I've only ever gotten a few copyright letters from my iSP that don't do shit, still it's better that I have one now I guess. I've never uploaded anything new myself but maybe one day if I get something obscure I'll learn how to do it.

Anonymous 3042


i started usin soulseek again after getting fed up with the youtube algorithm. mainly for music.
really good if you want to find a specific album and not just the "greatest hits" or "best of" recordings

Anonymous 3043

I discovered soulseek a couple of years ago as well. It's much better than the way I used to do it which was going on random music blogspots to download zip and rar album files. I still appreciate those blogs sometimes but soulseek is more efficient and they have files for obscure albums that hard/impossible to find elsewhere online.

Anonymous 3044

I download anime from nyaa, ebooks and audiobooks from myanonamouse and everything else from torrentleech.

> Do you hoard?

I don't like to think so, but I just ordered another 3TB drive because my previous two are full and looking at them I couldn't figure out what to delete. I guess the bigger problem is I keep downloading movies and shows and never watching anything.

Anonymous 3045

how do you get into MAM these days? i've never been into trackers and this seems like a stupid question but they don't seem to be taking requests anymore..

Anonymous 3046

>Do you hoard?
My roommate is a doomsday prepper and has compiled massive stockpiles of the most obscure and niche media, which I end up curating.
>How do you pirate usually?
Weirdly, I pretty much exclusively share with people through direct downloads I meet on discord. Primarily it's because everything is way too niche to actually host, but sometimes it's illegal material depending on the country. It must be infuriating for people scouring torrents and upload sites, but after I started building a list of people who do the same, I feel kind of special and like I'm part of an underground. Pretty lame, but it's nice being part of an exclusive in-group for once in my life.

Anonymous 3047

Anyone willing to share some private tracker invites

Anonymous 3048

>Do you hoard?
No, after I'm done with something I delete it.
>How do you pirate usually?
DDL sites, and a handful of streaming sites without ads.
>Anything you share or upload?

Anonymous 3450


Hehe, I'm a pirate in the sense that I rip, copy and distribute for historical and archival purposes. Chaotic good, in a sense. It ain't always fun but I see it as a duty. Foremost underground tapes and vinyls of bands which never saw CD or digital releases. It hurts me to know that such creative work goes to waste. Further I safe game mods, patches and similar files. Basically anything I get my hands on which is already forgotten or will be soon. I even scan manuals of old consoles. I started uploading the stuff on archive.org …

Say, fellow pirates, collectors and preservers: Got any recommendations for other sites like archive.org which don't compromise certain formats? Thanks in advance.

Anonymous 3451

bob the cat.jpg

Are you aware of the Great 78 Project? if not, you might appreciate it. basically it's an archive of Shellac rips. lots of fun to be had looking through the thousands of forgotten songs on there

Anonymous 3452

This sounds cool, I'll check it out! Thanks.

Anonymous 5120


How is piracy /x/ related??

Anyways, I used to have accounts on a handful of private trackers for foreign language movies/TV and premium art tutorials, but my interests aren't so obscure anymore which means I can get 99% of what I want from public torrents:
https://searx.be/ > Files
https://kpg.neocities.org/ it's kpop
4chan /t/

For music I use yt-dlp. Any audiophiles reading this I hope you're having an aneurysm.

Anonymous 5124

>Do you hoard?
I hoard art. I'm sitting on 37.2 GB of artwork I've saved for the past two years or so. It's a small collection but I'm proud of it. It's a bit of a cluttered mess but I plan on going through it this weekend and properly sort and organize every artwork. I downloaded Hydrus the other day and will try it out sometime soon (the file and folder system is killing me). I also have a much smaller manga collection in which I only keep my favorites and obscure shit.
>How do you pirate usually?
I usually rip from the scanlators site if it exists. Other than that, archive.org and nyaa are my go-tos.
>Anything you share or upload?
I usually share on various imageboards or Discord.

I'd like to become a proper digital hoarder once I upgrade from my dingy laptop.

Anonymous 5127

The most I've uploaded is a few books on libgen that weren't there before and some ripped CDs that weren't available in flac or 320 online.

Anonymous 5849

I pirate most games from fitgirl.
This isn’t piracy related but I also like buying keys from g2a, cdkeys and similar websites
I used to feel somewhat bad but the. i found out about regional pricing and how my country almost never experiences it so I stopped feeling as bad.
I used to hoard comic books but don’t do that anymore since i could just read it online for free which is much more convenient.
I don’t really hoard but u do have a few games on my hdd. A lot of them i got from friends but never played.
I used to love pirating movies and shows, i have a bunch of stuff since i was a teenage girl.

Anonymous 5877

I've stumbled onto a smallish (but not really) 'private' torrent site that has a decent library of movies, books, shows, files, etc. They started requiring that users create an account. I used a protonmail burner account. It kinda reminds me of Demonoid when it was still around. I hope this helps anybody!


Anonymous 5910

Just joined my first site with the ratio system and I dislike it. I only want to download less popular stuff that are gonna take a long time to seed back.

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