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Anonymous 3059

how are you all prepared for the effects of artificial intelligence and automation in society - the shift in the job market, increasing social and economic inequality and all the black mirrorey possibilities technology will provide?

Anonymous 3060

I am studying this shit so I know it is all hype and vapourware, lol.

Anonymous 3061

how so? whats holding back progress? also what are you studying exactly?

Anonymous 3062

Technology is for nerds. I’m going to buy a farm and live in harmony with the chickens and the cows.

Anonymous 3063

virgin cyberpunk vs. chad cottagecore

Anonymous 3064

Money is fake and humanity is post-scarcity. Inequality will go away when we agree that we're tired of it.

Anonymous 3065


Based post-scarcity communist friend

Anonymous 3066

>shift in the job market
i'm tired of this meme. i have observed the automation attempts in my field. at my current job some fucking literal boomer fell for a transparent phishing scam and crashed the entire company's data system. months of work was lost. the cost was millions of dollars, they had to hire entire new temp teams just to try and repair it. and the software? look at the abortion that is windows 10 and tell me the value of pajeetcode. i wouldn't trust that shitescript to run my personal calendar, let alone an entire company.

shut the fuck up about muh AI. your poo in the loo crap-code isn't going to automate even the most simple python-scriptable tasks, let alone anyone's entire job. and that's not even getting into legal compliance. there are millions, maybe tens of millions, of absolutely useless jobs that are legally required to be done by a qualified human being. you're not automating shit m9.

the same people who gush about AI automation spend 4 hours a day on reddit and unironically want bill gates to chip them. and let's talk about programming. teh quality of programmers sinks lower and lower every year the more you push qualified spergs out and the more you import cheap h1b labour and delusional mentally ill troons who spend more time on twitter tweeting with their fursona avatar than they do in an IDE. not even the rate of new technology can keep up with the devolution of software into memory-hog bloatware that shits itself every other day and has constant critical failures. gtfo of here with muh AI shit. we no longer even have regular intelligence, let alone are we around the corner from some robot that is going to write its own software. modern codepigs can't even do what their predecessors in the 1980s could. they're too preoccupied with their seeping gashwound from bottom surgery to put their fingertips on a fucking keyboard.

>black mirror

this is your brain on pop culture. throw your television out the window and regain control of your own mind.

Anonymous 3067

Inequality will never fully disappear because we are not a hivemind. We have different opinions and desires. You can dream of utopies but at least recognize that they're just a fantasy.

Anonymous 3068

I don't understand why everyone around me is so horny for AI. It's mostly moids but it's still annoying that they have to bring it up so often. (I study in a STEM field) I have nothing against useful automation but shit like self driving cars feels excessive. What would even be the point of owning a car then?

Anonymous 3069

Moids get hardons for AI because it means they can create their perfect gf android, simple.

Anonymous 3070

money loving whore…

Things like UBI will never happen because too many people are greedy, stupid and or evil. We've tried this with "minority" communities and they overwhelming vote in such a way as to increase their monetary privileges despite most of those things literally suppose to be temporary. As soon as people realize they can get something and more for free they loath to give advantages up. Too many try and buy peace with themselves when that has to come from within.

I really see no reason to suggest that we're not living in the start of a downfall of some sort, and maybe I'll be proven wrong after elections but absolutely not before them.

Anonymous 3071


>tfw tadano commie bf isn't real

Anonymous 3072

>some fucking literal boomer fell for a transparent phishing scam
this happens more than people realise

Anonymous 3073

there's an automatic system out there that can partially do my job researching. the technology is way far behind to analyse the data though.

for anyone wanting a future proof job, get one that involves recognising patterns. the human brain is much better at doing this than any computer. i doubt technology will be able to replicate this in our lifetime.

Anonymous 3074

You're watching too much star trek, anon.

Anonymous 3075

tell me how to be a good programmer senpai

Anonymous 3076

There is currently major hype around AI-related fields. It will die in a couple of years.

Anonymous 3077

i can't wait for AI bf to love me
who else goes on AI dungeon to chat with their AI bfs? there's even a setting to play as a princess :)

Anonymous 3078

with a noose

Anonymous 3079

Until you can build a computer with consciousness you won't be able to build a computer capable of containing consciousness.

Anonymous 3080

At least I can’t be morally bludgeoned by guilt if an AI takes my job. Bring on the robot revolution.

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