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Evolutionists Anonymous 3333

I need to do some research regarding shit that opposes evolutionist theories but the only thing any browser or search engine throws back at me is evolutionist shit and debunking anything that tries to question it. Why? What are they trying to hide from us, girls?

Anonymous 3334

If evolution is a lie who benefits from it and why?

Anonymous 3336

the jews
it's always the jews

Anonymous 3337

Doubt it, jews fallow an abrahamic religion and hate the idea of eugenics, they fall more in the evolution denier category.

Anonymous 3338

They want to control the world and all the knowledge in it. I wouldn't be surprised if the anon you're replying to is right.

Anonymous 3398

It's what comes up because is a mark of political identity, either as a certain type of Christian, a shitlib, or an atheist. Though, the two latter only go half-way with respect to humans. Denying some of the evolution between races and sexes.

Anonymous 3404

Anonymous 3984

I heard something about archaeologists destroying fossils from 100 years ago that (maybe) disprove evolution
The goal is to control both sides, the religious and liberal sides. When they talk about da joos they don't mean just religious joos, people with jewish backgrounds

Anonymous 3994

>What are they trying to hide from us, girls?

Anonymous 3995

Look into the giant of castlenau. Some guy found these bones in 1890 that point to a man being 12 feet tall, from the neolithic era.
For some reason they aren't being studied and there is no resources on where they are today. Whem reading the wikipedia page about the guy that found them it doesn't even mention it as one of his accomplishments.
What are they trying to hide from us?

Anonymous 4009

i have a russian book that debunks most evolutional "proofs" - "Что ответить дарвинисту" by Илья Рухленко. plus most professionals who study evolution admit that modern idea of it is not a fully coherent theory - there are a lot of inconsistencies here (the problem of beauty immediately comes to mind - female animals dont really prefer pretty males/most ornaments are not functional, so there is something at play here that we dont know about; why males exist even though the cost-benefit analysis of their existence is negative and they suppress degeneration only on its early stages - not enough to make a difference in the long run or to give a significant evo advantage to the species)

Anonymous 4032

asexual species are vulnerable and genetically limited, eventually dying off. they are suited for a fixed environment that they can exploit to rapidly reproduce. their future genetic potential is limited and a deadend. and they are vulnerable to change of that environment.

specialisation and distribution of labour. gestation for example leaves you pretty vulnerable. of course, it's not like it's strictly deterministic, many things could just be kind of coincidental but they continue to exist simply because they manage to continue existing.

Anonymous 4040

Anon, that’s fake.

Anonymous 4044

Because if you trace humans and look at the other humanoid species (neanderthal, denisovans etc) things become even more confusing, not to mention the fact that so many old religions globally refer to kings having to prove they were related to “gods” (Egyptians, norse/Germanic). Things are sussy. Then there’s pyramids/stone henge that are just insane as concepts and people would travel MAD distances with legitimately painful physical conditions just to see them (this one dude was found at stone henge from like somewhere turkey way with a disease that meant his literal bones rubbed together, no protective nubbins, he would have walked for YEARS in agony just to get there and we don’t even know why lmao)

& TLDR Something something aliens, basically.

Anonymous 4159

what's fake?

Anonymous 4172

The Giant of Castlenau
What makes you think its fake? No one anywhere is denying its existence or validity, so why do you think it is?

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