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Proofing God through Satan Anonymous 3574

I've been thinking a lot about this one. In theory, if God does not give me any signs of his presence than his antithesis may proof his existence. I'm speaking of summoning demons to proof God. Heresy, I know. But Jesus is supposed to forgive any sin as long as we believe in him. Thus there is no risk attached… right? ;)

Anonymous 3575

Don't do it sis, real life proves that evil is real anyway

Anonymous 3598

None of that stuff is real anon. Don’t waste your time.

Anonymous 3974

Demons might just be monsters from another dimension (or realm/plane if you prefer the magic equivalent). There's no guarantee they would have anything to do with God at all. And whether they did or not they would say they did to fuck with you.

Anonymous 4202

> Heresy, I know. But Jesus is supposed to forgive any sin as long as we believe in him. Thus there is no risk attached… right? ;)

this is so fckng stupid I can't even belive you mean it

Anonymous 4328

Idk, imo a lot of the point of God is the dichotomy of:
Requiring faith to maintain your connection to God, and not needing proof.
against the antithesis of those that require affirmation seeking those that do answer, demons and charlatans

Trying to definitively prove God to reaffirm your own belief is kind of intrinsically against the point and a sin, and summoning demons to do it is definitely "You fucked up"

Anonymous 6051

Have fun summoning nothing at first, and then being harassed by them when you get sleep paralysis the next day.

Anonymous 6052

Then what? What if you pick the wrong religion and end up in hell then?

Anonymous 6064

I find the idea of demons really childish lol.

Anonymous 6067

Just because you can summon demons, doesn't necessarily prove the existence of god or the proof of any one religious doctrine, unless of course the demons are up for a little Q&A session

Anonymous 6068

The demons are probably as clueless as we are tbh

Anonymous 6070

Fun fact: Lucifer is the planet Venus, not the devil

Anonymous 6073

most of the time when modern witches or people talk about summoning demons, they give off this "im gonna have a fun and cutesy chat with this spoopy entity" vibe and it's so cringe

'demons' is a name that humans gave to dark forces that bring chaos to people and the world in an organized way that ordinary people (including me obviously) don't fully understand. but it's clear that they don't target individual people, therefore it is impossible to summon demons because they do not obey and do not care for common people. demons only obey and are servile to their master, who humans has given many names throughout history such as the devil or satan. the master cannot create anything new, only destroy or corrupt what 'was made by God' or 'what is'. the only people who the master is interested in are earthy people (the elite) who are mighty, have power and money aka the ability to change things around in the world. the elite make sacrifices to the master in exchange for who knows what. they possess supernatural knowledge that they would never reveal to ordinary people. the master wants to corrupt the people and in order to do that he appeals to the elite who can influence people, aka who have the humans under their control. the master does not carry out orders himself but orders his demons to do so. luckily you can resist the attacks of demons, otherwise we would literally live in 'hell' lol. demons or dark forces come to you as 'gifts': so you can 'accept' or 'reject' them. in many movies, for example, vampires or demons are said to not be able to enter your house if you don't welcome them. even though this is substantively incorrect, because demons do not come to you personally but rather work on a broader plane, there is truth in it, namely that you can reject the attacks of demons by not welcoming them. when you become aware of 'dark' or bad behavior, thoughts, words, reasoning, choices… and actively and consciously choose to do the 'right' thing, that's when you reject a demonic attack. at that time, the demonic power cannot affect you. you can probably guess it already, but welcoming a demon attack is easier than rejecting it: just like it's easier to sit lazily on the couch all day instead of doing something productive with your day. the problem with this is that you have to know what is 'good' and what is 'bad', but what is good and what is bad? people throughout history have always wanted to answer this question, why? because they know about this master and demons. and that's why we have things like different religions and ideologies that are always looking for the 'truth' that explains what is good and bad (e.g. christianity with the seven heavenly virtues and the seven deadly sins). it is not for me to tell you here what is good and what is bad, because after all I am just an ordinary person. I believe that everyone has a moral compass within them that can distinguish good from bad.

by the way, don't believe people when you say they can summon demons or curse someone without making sacrifices. that would imply that demons want to obey you for free. doesn't sound so convincing does it? by the way, the master is very greedy and will demand extremely large sacrifices that an ordinary person cannot make, we speak of mass murders and blood sacrifices on a large scale, which only an organized elite group can make possible on a world level.

Anonymous 6078

I agree with half of what you said, but i think just like there are ordinary people, there are ordinary(?) entities you can summon with smaller life forms like killing a sheep or a chicken for it for example. demons and other entities have free will. things like hair, nails, bugs, animal matter, certain things etc… in your rituals attracts them and appeases them just the same. But you basically get what you give. at least that’s what i’ve seen in the culture i grew up in.

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