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Anonymous 3581

What’s the best way to go about killing yourself?

Anonymous 3582

Waiting for nature to take you when your time is up.

Anonymous 3583

But what if I want to speed up the process?

Anonymous 3584

smoke cigs

Anonymous 3585

Let your frozen pizza thaw before cooking it

Anonymous 3586

This will only make your life more of a suffering and won't take too many years of your life.

Anonymous 3587

For maximum efficiency it's shot gun blast aimed at the base of the neck. Very important note, do not be an idiot, just putting the gun in your mouth isn't good enough, you might just only blow off your face but be very much still alive. The blast must severe the cerebral stem for instant death, you must aim properly.

Anonymous 3588

Pursuit of dreams. If you're going to kill yourself anyway you should just work yourself to death in pursuit of your aspirations. Either you die from overwork(which is what you want) or you actually get what you want. Win/win

Anonymous 3589

We don’t have guns in my country

Anonymous 3590


Propofol (anaesthetic) and/or fentanyl (opiod) overdose.

Anonymous 3591

Thank you anon <3

Anonymous 3592

Old age

Anonymous 3593

life moves on it's own, no need to speed it up ladie, it's rather nice here

Anonymous 3594

I hope to be murdered at least once in my life. I don’t scream even when I am in pain, so I would be the perfect victim for a chap with a knife. No one has ever wanted me, even as a homicidal impulse. Some things you have to do yourself, or they will never be done. Jumping off a large ship at night, furiously thrashing until the chill exhausts what little energy you have, sinking down like you’ve done all the days of your life. That would be nice.

Anonymous 3595


do not engage in the suicide friendo

Anonymous 3596


jumping head-first from a very high place. safe death and death occurs quickly, so little pain hopefully.

don't do it though. stick with us nonny. we love you. maybe things will improve for you and I'd want you to witness it

Anonymous 3597

sodium nitrite

Anonymous 3668


Either this or shotgun to head. I'd recommend the suicide kit personally, since the shotgun (although effective) always as that 0.1% chance you survive.

Anonymous 3671

Lol do you really want to risk the chance that you change your mind or someone walks in on you and you have to explain yourself while sounding like Mickey Mouse?

Dying of cringe is the most painful way to go.

Anonymous 3673

>you have to explain yourself while sounding like Mickey Mouse
Fucking kek
You can lock and barricade the door if you dont want anyone walking in. And if you change your mind then… that's a good thing, isn't it?

Anonymous 3674

As someone who tried opioids and nearly died once I don't recommend it. You might not feel pain but you're completely lucid and slowly suffocating. It's not very pleasant.
Read Five Last Acts - The Exit Path - imo the best book about suicide. Take your time, above all else and think everything through. You'll be dead forever.

and yeah helium is the best method but I don't recommend using cap masks like >>3668 says. There might an issue with helium leaking out and air getting in since those things aren't really hermetic.

Anonymous 3675

You lose consciousnesses usually after around 1 minute and death occurs a few minutes later.

Anonymous 3739



Anonymous 4031

I think my go to would be a couple of strong fentanyl patches.

Anonymous 4082

What’s wrong with suicide by helium asphyxiation?

Anonymous 4084

Maybe I’m weird but, I want a death that is so scary and unbelievable. I don’t have anything in mind but if I were to die, i would be the one killing myself in a unique manner.

Anonymous 4086

Are those even a thing anymore? I'm pretty sure people have just been cutting shit and pressing pills with it. Since it is banned and all now.

Anonymous 4087

since when is fent banned, and where? i know people that use the patches, they're very much still a thing from what i know.

Anonymous 4089

I thought about lighting one of those fireworks that you load like a cannon and putting my mouth on the tube.
I don't know if it comes out fast enough to guaranteed kill you though.

Anonymous 4094

It got banned a long time ago. All the fent is being imported illegally from China. But I suppose it makes sense that people might still have patches.

Anonymous 4492

anything stronger than overdosing. the body is a freakish machine and most overdoses fail because of our defenses. even if you're in poor health it's unlikely an od will kill you. instead it gives you irreversible brain damage

Anonymous 4576


How much makeup products do i need to consume to be able to kill myself? I know pill overdose is the easiest way but i kinda wanna go out with pizzaz if you get me. I'm talking about hypothetically drinking foundation, eyeliner, lipgloss, nail polish, mascara etc.

Anonymous 4577

really unreliable and you are much more likely to just get super sick and be in tons of pain than to actually die. I probably can't convince you to quit being suicidal given that I don't know anything about your motives, but please at least choose a better method. You can always doll yourself up before going in a different way

Anonymous 4578

>You can always doll yourself up before going in a different way
Ah well i suppose you have a point, would probably look better anyway. Might spike glitter with pills or something and use that for my glamour.

Anonymous 4584

Overdose is opposite of easiest

Anonymous 4585


Aim ceases to be important if you can get ahold of a shotgun

Anonymous 4586

Thoughts on the poking your liver with a kitchen knife tactic?

Anonymous 4587

Can't you just down a whole bottle of sleeping pills and call it a day?

Anonymous 4588

this. most of the time you'll just vomit uncontrollably and survive

Anonymous 4596

No, I think it's also painful as hell
It'll only probably work if your liver is that of a 60 year old I guess

Anonymous 4614

why is sodium nitrite a meme?

Anonymous 4616

This. I tried overdose twice and both times i just vomited for hours and the last one got me to the hospital, where they aren't really nice to suicidal people who attempt and fail.

Considering this. I would just have to wait to be home alone… So tempting

Anonymous 4666

this thread is so upsetting to me not because le suicide bad but because how hard its made to actually get a clean, painless death
why cant voluntary euthanasia be legal? what is there to gain by keeping me alive in constant pain? and even if the problems i have end up being "temporary", why should anyone care about my motives except for myself?

Anonymous 4667

I agree with you. I think we have to blame religion for that because we are created by GOD and killing HIS creations is disrespecting HIM!!1

Anonymous 4668

I mean.. What if that's true though? What if there is a God, and you ARE disrespecting him?

Fun hypothetical.

Anonymous 4669

Then he deserves to be disrespected because his creations are shit.

Anonymous 4671

then he's a fucking narcicist

Anonymous 4675

even if a god is real and created us, there is no reason to really worship it. big deal!

Anonymous 4798

ok nonas its op. fr what is the best way for a poor agoraphobic person in uk to commit die.

Anonymous 4799

grow old

Anonymous 4836

Anonymous 5049

Where could I find someone to die with? I don't want to kill myself alone.

Anonymous 5050

The sanctioned suicide site has a partner thread, but the guy who runs it also runs incel sites and it’s monitored by feds. Honestly dying with other people carries more risk than it is worth since law enforcement would rather crack down on suicidal people than those who hurt everyone else. Imagine getting jailed on some bullshit charge like “abetting suicide” because you don’t want to live. Life affirmers are truly cruel people.

Anonymous 5051

Simply wait.

Anonymous 5052

Old folks home. Lots of death there.

Anonymous 5067

jump off a large high building or ledge at such a distance up that it will guarantee you won't survive

Anonymous 5079

Not OP, but how do you kill yourself when you are never alone at home? My apartment is very small and there are always multiple family members at home and constantly coming into my room. I guess I could do it at night but I'm worried they might hear and wake up.

Anonymous 5088

not doing it

Anonymous 5089

not worth it anon-chan, 50/50 you'll end up brain damaged. What if the afterlife is worse than this one? ever considered that?

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