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Dead Internet Theory: Most of the Internet is Fake Anonymous 3648

I wonder if some of you here know about this theory. I'd love to know your thoughts. I personally think there's some truth to it. You can read about it here: https://forum.agoraroad.com/index.php?threads/dead-internet-theory-most-of-the-internet-is-fake.3011/

TLDR: Large proportions of the supposedly human-produced content on the internet are actually generated by artificial intelligence networks in conjunction with paid secret media influencers in order to manufacture consumers for an increasing range of newly-normalised cultural products.

Anonymous 3649

Ooo, can you imagine if this was true? Maybe those two weird AI influencers (Micheala and green hair guy) are like shitty glitches in the simulation

Anonymous 3658


Yeah, there is definitely something about 4chan and other, much more obscure websites than the former. Maybe included is this one too given the rise of the fujoshi and femboy lovers and the absolute decline of femcels in the entire Internet in a short amount of time; this being, of course, sort of appearing in the normalfag surface as there was that one tiktok trend on femboys, an overall explosion of women being kpop fans (especially in Latin America), and certain feminist websites having an obsession with cute boys now such as r/FDS, as if there was some kind of motive to make women reproduce out of desperation of the declining birthrates worldwide.
However, some points in that post can be easily argued against like 'algorithmic fiction.'

Like OP in that thread said, it is true that normalfaggotry media is AI generated, which its greatest example is Dead Koontz and Amazon. However, original thought is also alongside the normalfag trash in places where a good degree of intellect is neccesary; an example of such are places like DARPA, the majority of the Internet that is in university campuses, and obscure literary fiction publishers and translations. Especially for the second as a proof, there is a good reason why university library-hosted books in their physical form as so expensive and over 50 bucks. This is because it is made by real people rather than AI, as seen by the difference in prices on genre fiction written by 'writers' sponspored by Amazon originals. This latter point is one of the most concerning for me since this implies that, if we go by this rate, high quality original human thought is going to be more expensive over time. And if we ever want a piece of that, it is very unlikely that you will not get access to it unless you're part of a particular elite.

On another point, we are definitely more advanced than we think, but most content is restricted because it is unknown on what could happen if certain things were released. An example of such an experiment is VR since it is pretty fucking obvious that this has been used for decades:
Yet, it was not fully released yet because it needed to improve, and also the creators of this technology obviously thought beforehand about the possibilities of human-computer interactios like porn usage?.

Nevertheless, it is definitely a fact that tech people like Zuckerberg were former 4channers. But who knows about people older than him like, say, Bill Gates?
Could imageboards be older than we thought?

Anonymous 3659

>fujoshi and femboy lovers
>short amount of time
As in since at least 2009? I started being an online femboy-loving fujo back then and never wanted for content. The idea of tech giants generating Western-made gay Kirby gijinka doujinshi is hilarious though. Personally I think the mainstreaming of anime in the West likely has more to do with it.

Otherwise the theory is kind of interesting. But I still like to think that people are gross and stupid of their own volition.

Anonymous 3889

True that, but it is still a mystery why it became more popular right now. Yet, maybe it will go away eventually unless it could be a trend that stays for a long time in the likes of Doge.

Anonymous 5574


Wow, I found myself being so mad about this absolutely retarded text and stupidity of a person who wrote it
Nearly every sentence is uh debatable to say at least, others - just dumb
I know it's weird to complain about tinfoiling on /x but I just can not to
While I do agree actually that there is a lot of ai bots, payed shills - real-people-"bots",
fake traffic and stuff, but not in those colors like the author of the article is painting

is this post ai generated
>as if there was some kind of motive to make women reproduce out of desperation of the declining birthrates worldwide.
If there are no or very limited cute boys and kpop stars out there
Is it implyed that a woman be so horny for a qt femboy twitch streamer that she will lay under a random gamebro slob or what, idgi

Anonymous 5834

I am skeptical of the idea that it happened years ago, I think we are actively in the transition right now. In 5 years it will basically be solidified and the internet will be a whole different animal.

Anonymous 5841


Anonymous 5853

I think there’s a strong chance it’s real. Just breaking down some facts:
>10% of users make 90% of original tweets on Twitter
>Even Tumblr had a Russian and porn bot problem back in 2014.
>we know Facebook has a bot problem
>everyone left and right spent millions siding with Depp
>Katylin Tiffany the resident retard at the Atlantic wrote an article on how it’s totally not true, that other retard reporters are quoting as their source. Tiffany’s other works include how femcels are totally real and just as dangerous as incel men, and things like the child sex trade totally aren’t real.
I could see off the top of my head those things giving it weight.

stole this from LC bc it's better at listing it than i was

Anonymous 5858


studies have shown that at least 1/5 of all posts made on major social media platforms are made by bots

there's almost no point of going on facebook or twitter because it's all bots. reddit is the same but worse due to the karma system, if it's not a bot it's a corporate shill

Anonymous 5869

>Katylin Tiffany

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