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weird dream/vision Anonymous 3887

hi, my bf and i were talking about creepy things that happened to us and he told me about a vision he had many years ago as a kid. he said that in that vision he was bleeding from his nose and spitting loads of blod to a sink (probably an old fashioned one). he also said that in that vision he was a bit chubbier than he is now and he had shoulder-length hair (just like now). as a kid he never wanted to have long hair. he told me that he feels that vision is the way that he's going to die. whay should i think about that? also, should i be worried?

Anonymous 3888

That bunny said "○"

Anonymous 3926

Was it a dream or a vision? They're two very different things.

Anonymous 4107

a vision. i also planned to write about his dream which was really bizzare but he said that it isn't that big of a deal.

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