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Anonymous 404

Cryptid thread motherfuckers, let's do it.
Post strange occurences, information, theories and speculation, personal experiences, and general discussion.

>What's your favorite cryptid?

>What's a lesser known cryptid that intrigues you?
>Which cryptids do you think are the most likely to exist?
>Any bizzare experiences that you'd like to share?

Anonymous 845

the mothman stories spooked the fuck out of childhood me. just the thought of some moth guy swooping down on me while i stood beneath a street light @ night had me cold

Anonymous 1069

I love the idea of banshees/mothman (creatures that warn you before disaster is going to strike). Me and my friends used to scare the shit out of each other as kids at sleepovers by talking about banshees (could share my memories if anyone is interested lol). While I don't believe they exist, I can totally see why people thought they did because foxes and bats screeching at night sound like otherworldly women crying in pain.

I think the cryptids most likely to exist are in the ocean. There's some spooky shit down there. Maybe some monsters that survived when the dinosaurs were wiped out. I hope I get to live to see scientists discover all kinds of alien creatures at the bottom of the ocean.

Anonymous 1071


Please do share.
Also agreed @ the ocean. I'm fascinated by deep sea gigantism and the likes.

Anonymous 1093

Whoops late reply. Also LOVE that picture, it makes my shiver. Here are some things I found creepy as a child:
∙ The banshee cries before someone dies. If you hear one, it means someone close to you is going to die soon but you have no indication of who or when or even how.
∙ The person about to die is the only one who can't hear her. So if everyone in the house is like "What's that weird noise?" and you can't hear it, it's bad news for you.
∙ It's supposed to be a comforting sound, like someone crying at a funeral but is unintentionally creepy.
∙ Banshees drop things like combs, hair accessories and even fingernails. If you pick one up and bring it home, she'll come looking for it. My friends used to tell me that they knew people who did that and she'd come to their house every night and tap on the window with her fingernails or scratch at the door until she got her item back or it was destroyed in the fire.
∙ Banshees will cry outside the homes of the families of soldiers or fishermen. So if the family woke in the middle of the night to hear crying, they knew that their husband/father/son died at war or at sea.
∙ She punishes people who try to impersonate or follow her.
∙ Apparently she also wanders around graveyards and if things go missing, it's a sign that she was there and took something.

And then there are changelings:
∙ Fairies replace newborn babies with elderly fairies who are about to die.
∙ The only way to get rid of a changeling is to threaten to throw it in the fire and they leap out of the chimney (scary to think that people actually did this to their sick children/wives and if they weren't killed, they were severely injured).
∙ Changelings look like children but are actually adults so people have accidentally walked in on them playing instruments or they'll ask men for cigarettes or a glass of whiskey in perfect english.
∙ There's a story about a fairy woman who visits a human woman and admits that their children were switched and asks for her fairy child back, suggesting that not even fairy women are on-board with the practice which is sad af.
∙ Basically anyone who had a sudden change or got sick rapidly was accused of being a changeling.

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