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White sun mandela effect Anonymous 4216

When did you notice that the sun was no longer yellow but white? Have you felt a fundamental change in reality since the sun became white? Why do you think the sun turned white?

Anonymous 4219

Sun looks different depending on how you look at it, time of day, where you are,camera lense, etc.

Anonymous 4223

Sun was always white, it’s the spectrum of visible light combined which has always equaled white. What do they teach in school these days…

Anonymous 4224

funny thread

Anonymous 4225

sun light can look any colour depending on weather, time of day and how long you look at it. I stared at the sun today and it was yellow, but after burning an imprint into my eyes it appeared white, but I think thats just my eyes fucking with me. It looks yellow to me atleast .

Anonymous 4228

This is true
Go outside tonight and watch the sun when it sets OP. It will turn orange-red.

Anonymous 4231

Less air pollution???

Anonymous 4414

You used to be able to look at the old sun. It was yellow and was a friend. The new sun is cold looking and artificial. I think it changed around 2004. I'm not sure if it was replaced or if we put something up that changes how we see it. I don't like it.

Anonymous 4415

as someone who lives in a warm place, the sun is as yellow and hot as ever, honestly, fuck her.

Anonymous 4417


Anonymous 4419


go outside
it's lovely here
come join us

Anonymous 4421

You guys stares directly into the sun?

Anonymous 4435

What thread did you think you were in, anon?

Not anymore. The new sun burns when you look at it because of the bright white light. You used to be able to look at the yellow sun.

Anonymous 4453

>TELL ME you're shitposting and don't think the sun changed or was "replaced" because I can not fathom something possibly more stupid
yes it's shitposting

Anonymous 4454

I already said that the sun itself might not have been replaced but that something has been done so it looks different. There could be something in the air that just makes us perceive it differently. But it's definitely different than it used to be. I know I used to be able to look at it as a kid and it was a warm yellow, not the harsh white light that it is now.

If you go outside now, you can barely even look up without squinting. There's a reason that someone doesn't want us looking too closely at the sky.

Anonymous 4534

I'm OP and you definitely get it. The sun is white now and burns you way quicker than it used to. There is definitely a difference between the old yellow sun world and this new shitty white sun world. I've also noticed that recently the clouds/sky have gotten A LOT closer to the ground. The whole atmosphere is being screwed with in this new timeline.

Anonymous 4535

You are not imagining it, but the explanation is material in nature. Governments have been practicing weather engineering for decades, as well as HAARP experiments in the upper atmosphere. They are compromising our atmosphere and our magnetosphere, hence less protection from the sun. Watch some YouTube videos by Dane Wigington,and check out his website geoengineering watch.

Anonymous 4555

Yes, the burning thing is so true! As a kid, I spent whole summers outside without sunscreen and never got a sunburn. Now, if I forget to reapply every couple of hours, I get super red.

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