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Anonymous 4352

a collection of people will never be unique and have their own culture as long as they keep using addicting apps with algorithmic feeds that give people from the same demographic the same content, old internet cultures died because people became more and more same-y, you can walk to any person from your age group who uses the internet regularly and they'll most likely know about the same things you do, have a similar taste, and a similar sense of humour.
I want to do an experiment with my friends where we all cut algorithm-based feed apps; pintrest, Instagram, tiktok… etc, and see if we can get further from normies and have different ways of thinking or not.

Anonymous 4353

>a collection of people will never be unique and have their own culture
Nah, culture is just evolving. We're all becoming world citizens. Avoiding the internet in the long run would just make your world view more insular.

Anonymous 4368

Whatever, the only service I use is youtube other than imageboards.
It is kind of isolating, because I have no idea what the current retarded tiktok trends and new memes if they don't make their way to imageboards. I don't care too much though, its a waste of time to keep up with trends I know will just be stupid and boring anyways.

Anonymous 4638

I wonder how OPs experiment went.

Anonymous 4648

count me in in your experiment. i have been doing sort of the same thing for about two years now on and off. but off for a year, with the exception of imageboards of course, i should probably cut that out too but ehhh. let's see where this leads us

Anonymous 4705

honestly does everyone really use IG, pinterest, and tiktok? I don't and I don't consider myself that weird.

Anonymous 4713

I sue pinterest to save cute anime pictures and food and instagram to post drawings and photos of trees. It's not about the website it's how you use it. Except if it's a porn website ofc. Fuck that shit isnt ever good

Anonymous 4724


>world citizen

Anonymous 4735

i noticed this year how when you stop using social media for a while you can literally feel your mind become freer. when you start using it again you can feel yourself deteriorate in real time. it's weird.

Anonymous 4747

I never really used social media apart from imageboards. I wonder if i'll feel the same if I stopped using imageboards.

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