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self mutilation Anonymous 4504

Why do ao many people like to look at pictures of self mutilation? Lots of online communities enjoy the content and some guy I know jerked off to pictures of my mutilation.
Why? I understand gore in general but why does self mutilation have such a specific appeal? I have some ideas, but I'm not sure if I'm satisfied with my main theory.
Why is self mutilation particularly pleasing to look at?

Anonymous 4505

It's not. You've just broken your brain in a similar fashion to that of a pornsick moid. Took the taboo too much and wired your neurons wrong. Grats on the self inflicted mental illness.

Anonymous 4506


I think that people who mutilate their own genitalia had home through a secreto sexual trauma, and is a way of coping with the humilliation and guilt, maby in a way of purifing themselves.
I Guess that is something similar for the people watching it.

Anonymous 4507


>Why do ao many people
Many? Lol where? It's like a relatively small group of people that everyone else considers freaks
It's curiosity and a way to relief some urges without doing it myself, it's just a way of coping for many people, albeit not a very good one

Anonymous 4508

I'm a self harmer cuz of legitimate mental illness and it just makes me both laugh and cringe to see how far some people can go. like I can't go that deep. some of these people fucking put work into it so they can show it off meanwhile here I am making haphazard ugly slashes and wimpy burns on myself

Anonymous 4510

>I'm a self harmer cuz of legitimate mental illness
Is there any other reason for someone to start self harming if not mental illness?

Anonymous 4528

I do it not because I'm mentally ill but because it feels nice.
If you rapidly slash a few "styros" it feels nice once the pain subsides and you get a nice rush.
Kind of off topic really and I don't see the point of this post.
I don't believe someone self harms entirely for attention if it gets past "catscratches", though the attention is probably definetly a bonus.
Even if it was, isn't attention seeking when you go to such extreme lengths to get it indicative of a severe mental issue like BPD?
Could it be just that people react differently to pain so different people enjoy different degrees of depth?
But thanks for explaining how much more valid you are and shitting on people who regularly need stitches because its such a problem. Glad to know your reasons are legit and you're not an attention whore like the rest.

Anonymous 4532

I used to do that alot too when I was cutting and it confused me as well. I think what I got out of it is it would kind of "satisfy" the urge to cut deep and kind of "motivate" me to cut deeper the next time I cut. Self harm is weirdly addicting in a a way as it can consume your thoughts pretty quickly. As weird as this sounds it was like a cutters version of pro ana to me.

Anonymous 4533

How do you know you're not doing it because of mental illness though?

Like I get it feels nice, but you can't know if you do it because you're mentally ill or not.

Anonymous 4536

Because I am not mentally ill

Anonymous 4537

How do you know?

Anonymous 4551

How do you know you're not exhibiting symptoms of mental illness?

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