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Is there a ritual to make me perfect? Anonymous 4637

Do I have to sell my soul? Do I have to sacrifice a goat?

Anonymous 4639


Nope, I would rec starting with Quareia if you want to improve yourself using the occult/magick/whatever you wanna call it.
Great free online course written by an amazing woman magician called Josephine McCarthy.
Another option is creating a tulpa or summoning an incubus/succubus to aid you in your goal of reaching as far as you can to perfection (my father always said that perfection is worthless; it means you cannot improve further blah blah blah).
I'll warn you now; you have to put in the work to get results with occultism, there's no shortcuts really, unless you want to suffer intentionally.
Feel free to ask any questions you like, I'd be happy to answer them.

Anonymous 4643

Alright, what exactly is Quareia? Do you practice i?

Anonymous 4647

Anonymous 4682


Yes, I do study that particular program, since I'm very much into ceremonial magick. Just give it a google, it's nothing scary. Just like a university course but for magick and shit. The meditation exercises are excellent!
It's a very in-depth, proper guide to shaping yourself into a better person, using occult methods, and like I mentioned, free. Check it out, , you never know, it might pique your interest! Sorry for the late reply btw, been busy recently.

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