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Anonymous 4709

I can feel hamsters around me. Sometimes I sit on my chair minding my own business, when the hamster smell strikes my nostrils. Recently I came out of the shower, squaky clean, and as I reached for the towel, I could feel the hamster odor. I shower every day and the house is tidy, but occasionally the odor catches me off guard. There are no pets in this household, but I did kill a hamster thirteen years ago.

Anonymous 4710

Seems like a case of hamusuta-tsuki, a relatively rare type of animal possession. You can expect some shortness of breath, phantom pains, speaking in strange voices and/or epileptic fits, but probably nothing serious. You're lucky, hamster curses aren't hereditary so your entire line won't be tainted. And there still might be a way to turn this curse around. You can try finding a pregnant hamster and feeding it, after the little hamsters are born you must name one, that just might do the trick.
What was the color of the hamster btw?

Anonymous 4714

Get a hamster and take super good care of it anon

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