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Have you ever fantasized about killing someone? Anonymous 473

Anonymous 502

Yeah, my grandmother. She's a narcissistic piece of shit, made my family's and my life a living hell. I don't think I could go trough with it though. Hope she dies soon.

Anonymous 523

My rapist. I know where he lives. Three other women have taken him to court with the same story that i have but he keeps getting off because he's rich and he can afford good lawyers
the lawyers argument is essentially, 'well these women are lying because they want to win money from him'
meanwhile i'm sitting here reading these articles like 'no, they fucking aren't.'
but it's been years since that happened to me, and it's not like i have evidence aside from like–one photo that i took on my phone at the time of his house, so i can prove that i was there on the date and time i said i was through exif data but that's pretty much it.
anyways i have definitely fantasized about breaking into his mansion and strangling him to death. murder is honestly the justice that i feel like he deserves. i could live with it when i thought that it was just me that this happened to, maybe it was my fault for putting myself in that situation, but knowing that he's been doing this for fucking years–one case was from 2004 iirc–breaks my heart. i can only imagine how many women are out there in my city like me, following the story but too scared to come forward.
and he's getting away with it.
i watched a news clip from the trial with the first woman when they pronounced him innocent, and she just broke down in the courtroom crying. i felt like crying, too. i was so happy when i heard that he was being taken to court, i thought that there was no way he'd get off with three different women all providing testimony, but the justice system is a fucking farce.

Anonymous 533

Recently I had the thought that paralyzing serial rapists from the waist down would be more just than murder. For one, they have to spend the rest of their lives feeling as powerless as they made their victims feel; for two they will never have the will to commit another offense.

Anyway, I wouldn't blame you.

Anonymous 534

Actually, rather than just paralyzing them, you would have to essentially neuter them as well to prevent their body from producing male hormones since that's what powers their sex drive, and their sex drive is what causes them to feel sexual urges (and leads to them committing rapes).

The rapist side of it is similar behaviour to serial pedophilia and serial murder, and there are still only theories about the causes of that, as opposed to anything concrete. It's my personal theory that males have a monthly hormonal cycle similar to women, which explains the cyclical obsessive/compulsive part of serial offenders' behaviour.

If you're interested in reading or doing some research about the subject, I can suggest some books.

Anonymous 535

Not anon you replied to, btw. Sorry.

Anonymous 536

when i was younger i had tons of revenge fantasies about killing my bullies. weird shit too like, wanting to see them naked and kill them in front of everyone. this was before i was even aware that there were actual school shooters in the USA (and other countries i assume). i got bullied for so long by the same group of people, i truly hated them. all of my time i spent it in my head pretending to either being their friend, or killing them, or kissing them, etc etc i was a weird kid. looking back it creeps me out because i realize that school shooters do exist and they probably relate to the thoughts i was having. i hated being in school so much, i hated that no one ever defended me. i hated them all. it creeps me out too cause there was a school shooting like a year ago in my city (not american, so this was legit something that had never happened before in my country) and it made me so sick to my stomach. i hate people who have weird obsessions with school shooters on tumblr. they are monster that you should not look up to. they were all sad losers like me who needed therapy and nothing else.

also, i was sexually abused when i was very young so my constant hate fantasies included doing creepy shit to my bullies like kissing them, seeing them naked etc. this was all when i was super young and had no idea how weird that was. looking back at it… grosssssss.

Anonymous 537

>you would have to essentially neuter them as well to prevent their body from producing male hormones since that's what powers their sex drive, and their sex drive is what causes them to feel sexual urges (and leads to them committing rapes).
None of that matters if they can't work half of their body and it's essentially deadweight, conveniently it's the half that facilitates rape.

Anonymous 543

I think these are relatively normal when you've been heavily bullied or comes form an unhappy family. The problem is really stying with these fantasies in your twenties and up.

Anonymous 623

I think about it all the time. People on the bus, people walking down the street. Sometimes I just want to run up behind them, take them over and strangle them. Though I've heard strangulation takes a lot more effort than you'd imagine.

I'm not even really that worried about getting away with it in most cases, just that it seems like it'd be a lot of effort, you know? I also wouldn't want to clean up/dispose of a corpse, but if it was just some random person down an alley getting stabbed near a club or something, I'm sure no one would ever know.

Don't really care enough to go out of my way to do it. But I think if the opportunity came up, like someone tried to attack me first, I'd go out of my way to kill them - even if I could get away without.

Maybe I wouldn't in the moment, who knows. I've been in a lot of situations though, like having a gun to my face, having my face punched, knife to me, etc, and I never really paniced or felt 'frozen with fear' or whatever people talk about. I actually feel really calm in those situations, more calm than I feel any other time - as I usually feel weirdly anxious around other people. I can't stop thinking about how much they disgust me, that I want them to get away from me, etc… and I think maybe that feeling is where part of the fantasy to kill someone stems from.

I digress, it's really just edgy talk in the end.

Anonymous 634

To be fair, the people who idolize school shooters are also sad losers who need therapy.

Anonymous 635


Mostly my bullies in high school.
I would fantasize ways to make them suffer the most and ways to kill them. I also fantasized f them dying horrible deaths. I was pretty fucked up but i was full of hate for those pieces of trash that made my life impossible and i wanted them to feel just how much pain they made me go through, which sounds borderline "school shooter manifesto" like, so fucking yikes.
Kinda glad i didn't do any fucked up shit and that remained on my mind only, still wish their lives end up horrible but don't really about killing them kek.

Also, agreed with >>536, those tumblr kids idolizing shooters are fucking mental, no matter how much you relate to them, those people are fucking monsters. I read a pretty "interesting" article about the columbine shooters fans specifically:

I also fantasize about killing animal abusers every time i read or watch news articles about them, like, i burn with hate when an animal suffers.

Anonymous 712

Was abused by my mum and step dad and abused and molested by my dad. Went into a matriarchal foster home with a dad who has had affairs and gambled… There is no structure in that.

Now I want everybody who had it good to suffer because although nice and helpful, I have this dark chaos in me that sometimes I can't control… And sometimes I envy those who have no fucking idea what hell is like that they're bratty about it.

Anonymous 713


My almost abusive ex.
"Almost" because he never hit me or anything physical like that, but long story short I started to feel suffocated when I didn't met his expectations, couldn't even sleep when he threw his tantrums and stopped talking to me for days because of small shit. I'm glad I'm over it forever.

Anonymous 717

I work a dead-end retail job and the amount of rude, stupid people the general population carries is astounding. Oddly enough, I always ONLY have thoughts of specifically strangling them like >>623. I have an urge to strangle stupid people in general whether I'm working or not. Asshole, catty, vapid teenagers or young adults are also a common target for my fantasies; I can't stand fuckboys and fuckgirls.

Anonymous 741

Yeah often actually. I’ll prob never do it though.

This loser who took advantage of me and tried to give me an std (I didn’t get it)

Doesn’t seem worth it though. I’d rather pay someone else to cut his hand off or something.

Anonymous 744

i mean, this makes since if you think about it from the perspective of a criminal psychologist. stranglings are a very slow and intimate way to kill someone; if you encounter a body that's been the victim of strangulation, especially if it's done with the hands as opposed to, say, a noose or garrote, it usually indicates that the killer was prompted by a strong emotional response and wanted to see the victim suffer.
i used to work at a retail store that catered to ~trendy~ teenagers with too much allowance and their catty, entitled soccer moms. i totally understand. the amount of pure human shittiness that i witnessed on a daily basis completely drained me of my will to live, but the fact that it still makes you mad means at least you've got some spunk left in you. get out while you can.

Anonymous 3429

Yes, a few exes and bullies. I'll save the gruesome details for gurochan.

Anonymous 3637


you know, i never fantasized about killing my bullies, mostly i just want them to forget i exist and i'm pretty sure they would have by now anyways

Anonymous 3640

I play a game with myself whenever I have to wait around in a public setting. For example, a waiting room in a hospital. I size up people around me and imagine how I would kill them

Anonymous 3645

I'm going to guess that your bullies were primarily female, not male. The added sexual element in male-on-female bullying pushes a lot more victims to edgelord territory.

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