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Mindreading/Aura? Anonymous 476

I have no rational explanation for this. Please hear me out. I did a terrible thing two years ago. I've never mentioned it to anyone ever. Recently everyone seems to know. My friends are texting me vague questions asking about my past. People on the metro whisper about me. Am I cursed?

Anonymous 478

For no reason, the only people I have sort of opened up to have been like 3 people who have been abused in the same, specific way I was when I was a child (around the ages they were, too).

Weird shit.

Anonymous 648

op can you elaborate more on what's happening? it sounds creepy and interesting as fuck

Anonymous 777

This reminds me of a thread on the offtopic board of a fashion site in my country. This girl claimed that everyone had an inertly negative attitude towards her, not a single friend, family hates her, bullied in school, random people insulting her or beating her up.

A few people in the thread offered to be her friend but none posted again except for one who built an online friendship with the OP for a bit, until they tried videochatting and the girl allegedly got such a terrible gut feeling about this girl she cut off contact and that was it. There were no more relevant updates that I know of.

Anonymous 778

that's so fascinating but also unnerving

Anonymous 781

I mean, she might have been lying or exaggerating, but the thread never really left me. I wonder if I could still find it, but then again it wasn't in English anyway

Anonymous 4718

Maybe you are non-consciously telling people without realising it.

I do this cause my parents cultivated a split personality in my mind to tell them everything I was thinking. When I left home it went mad cause it had no purpose and just started to imagine strangers were my parents so it could tell them my thoughts and have an, albeit stupid, reason to exist.

Anonymous 4730


interesting thread

tbh a few years ago someone knew something that I did completely alone and in great detail. they asked me about it and added the details–which just knowing/guessing would be a one in a million chance to guess.

inb4 security cameras
I dunno, like, this was a family member without any money and it was before pocket cameras existed. the only weird thing about them is that they're schizophrenzic.
Also yes…my door was locked. My window was covered. I said nothing about it to anybody.

Anonymous 4734

Now tell what did you do.

Anonymous 4752

your parents sound horrible and I'm sorry. But also what is this? I have never heard of this being a thing. Thant's wild.

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